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Simply tell us below how you would use branded clothing to boost your business and our favourite answer will win 5 garments of your choice personalised with your company logo!


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Winner will receive 5 x garments printed with 1 x company logo. “Garment of choice” indicates any 5 items from the site personalised with your company logo up to the value of £150.

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  1. Harry Lightfoot

    Branded clothing within in my business is vitally important. Not only does it boast professionalism it also boosts confidence to your customer.

    If a customer gets the feeling of a professional and confident outfit they will remain a customer for life.

    For a little outlay the returns can be immense.

    The fact you are willing to step out in public and openly promote your business means you are confident of the product delivery you bring.

    Branded clothing sets you aside from the competition.

    I am personally in travel and nothing brings a smile to my face more than standing against my rivals in the arrivals lounge of my destinations with my professional looking staff and they are all dressed as if they are off on a night out.

    The comments and remarks from our guests and potential future guests is priceless.

    This is why I intend to keep branding my staff and workwear.

  2. Nick

    Yesterday’s News Shops is a new business that is in the final stages of setting up.

    As a new independent business I felt it was important to promote my business by looking and acting professional. So I have taken advantage of the professional services and competitive prices that C2O offer.

  3. Steve Goodheart

    The van is wrapped & the tools are labelled,
    Even the workshop is signed.
    Goodheart Signs are everywhere,
    But my clothes are lagging behind.

    To make my business #look the business,
    My work clothes should have the brand,
    Then my clients, new and old,
    Would remember me – that’d be grand!

  4. Kathryn stannard

    We are desperate as a local Royal British branch to raise funds and get our selves noticed around our local community because we need the people of our community to know our branch can help If our soldiers past and present serving and families if they need help we are here and it is very important for us to be able to so this currently I’m trying to look for ways to raise awareness and funds this would be fabulous and really make a difference and benefit a whole community in the long run being able to acknowledge who we are and what we are able to help with. Branded clothing as well as I’d would help our charity and cause by making people more aware, promote without the cost of advertising heavily. Save on costs that way, eye catching and makes people aware of who you are and smarter way to dress whilst advertising and raising our profile.

  5. Sharon curran

    As a photographer being able to wear something that makes me stand out is essential, especially at events such as weddings. Having some embroidered workwear will help me to be identified as the official photographer plus will also offer additional coverage for my company whilst giving me a professional image.

    • Anna Palmer

      Thanks for all your entries so far, it’s great to find out how you would use branded clothing to boost your brand’s image 🙂 Good luck to everyone!

  6. David Lowe

    The Blackpool Link of the Chernobyl Children’s Life Line decided that they would like to publicise the work of the charity and decided wearing branded polo-shirts and fleeces was the best way to do so.

    We wore our CCLL-branded clothing for the first time at the weekend when we met our latest group of visitors at Manchester Airport and we had immediate success when we were offered a holiday for 10 kids. Link members have also been approached for more information about the work of the charity, so our idea is reaping benefits already.

  7. Gillian McDonald

    My Step Son has just started his own Gardening Business, this would be an ideal advert for him.

  8. Cerys Ellerbeck

    I think that branded clothing in the business world is a sign of professionalism. You can immediately identify between the customer and client. I also believe it makes the employee feel part of a team which in itself is also very important. We would use the branded clothes when we attended the Student Milkrounds, I think this would help speak volumes for the business as well as make us stand out in the crowd!

  9. sheila oconnor

    We are a cleaning company,
    LCM is our name,
    But it sometimes goes unoticed,
    Which really is a shame!

    With the uniform all branded,
    And easy to be seen,
    I’m sure that the Company,
    Would go from red to green!!

    IT cleaning is our forte,
    Specialists in our field,
    And with our branded clothing,
    It’s something we could build!

  10. Linda

    I’m setting up my own business in the fitness industry, focusing on functional outdoor training. I would like printed tops to use when taking part in extreme events as a means of advertising my new venture. These would be made up for myself and all clients taking part in training and events with me.

  11. Tom

    We have decided to go for a slightly novel approach to promoting euflyer.com, due to launch (as the rebrand of maltapoints.com) in October.

    Basically, we are pulling together branded gear and handing it out to joggers!

    We hope that the free stuff for joggers will go down well, while the association onlookers make between euflyer.com and the “healthy pursuit” that is jogging, can only be a good thing.

    A touch unusual, we fully concede, but certainly a unique approach to marketing.

  12. Natalie Brown

    Since having my little boy I’ve been rethinking my career as a firefighter (bit dangerous). So I’ve took the plunge and gotten a job as a personal trainer in a gym. It’s a requirement to wear branded uniform and look professional. There are 12 other personal trainers who will be my direct competition, so it’s paramount I stand out from the others. Clothes 2 order has already made a difference with my dri fit tshirts, it would be amazing to have a full uniform.

  13. Hazel Taylor

    Just promoted out as a leader in my Independant Party Planning Business after years of hard work and great support from my girls who helped me get there… How cool it would be to have our Team t-shirts as a thank you and to share in the success… Team work is a major factor in our line of work and always looking to grow the team even further – these t-shirts would help us advertise this and just generally make us look professional and pretty cool! 🙂

  14. Alice Hemsil

    I have just started my business, we have been open for just over a month. It is a b&b and also we have a livery yard and stud. I have already ordered shirts for the b&b so we look nice and neat and smart whilst with the guests. I need to get some clothing for the stud to advertise my stallions ‘availability’. Alot of hard work has gone in to setting these businesses up and a bit of self promotion never goes a miss. So some promotional clothing would help my business get off the ground and improve my stallions chances of a bit of speed dating no end. Thank you.

  15. james o'connor

    my business is designing clothing i.e creating images and designs for sweaters t-shirts etc, my goal is to sponsor local extreme sports riders (skateboarders, inlineskates, B.M.X etc)and use viral videos of them in our products through youtube and other social media to advertise our brand so for us promotional material would be useful for us to give a couple of items to our team riders in exchange for a viral video which will advertise us and help our business grow.
    viva la panda 🙂

  16. Janet Murray

    We are a bright young business
    and Tai Chi is our game
    Some lovely logo’d C2O goodies
    would help to spread our name

    We promise to wear them everywhere
    the quality for all to see
    craved by all our students
    promoting both you and me

  17. David James

    We have a small family run business that has been providing daily living aids for the disabled and less mobile for nearly 30 years.

    Most of our customers are elderly so trust and safety is a very big concern for them. As we often do home visits personalised clothing, that only our staff would have, helps towards reassuring our clients along with business cards and guaranteed appointments that the person on the doorstep should be there.

    A smiling face that has assured an elderly person that they have been visited by a genuine, trustworthy member of our small team is what we aim for. Sadly the world is full of not such nice people so restoring faith in humanity with trust is what we strive to do.

  18. pt commercials ltd

    We have been wearing our branded tops,ordered from yourselves for the past year. They have made a great difference, not only bringing in new customers, also our regular customers like the new image it has given the company.
    I would love the free tops to go to German Shepherd Rescue South. They are a registered charity. Their charity number is 1141956. They help all types of breeds not just German Shepherds. I know they would really benefit from the extra advertising this would bring them, while they are out walking the rescue dogs wearing branded tops. They are only a small charity. And every little helps. they have looked at branded clothing but just can’t afford.

  19. Peter Agapiou

    Simply, get noticed quickly in a busy environment as the person most likely to help with a requirement or information, whatever it is.
    Promote a unified image as a team, show that your business means business.

  20. Lesley

    The Haven is a special place,
    That offers help to many.
    With funding cuts and money tight,
    We have to save each penny.

    With dreams all dashed and bearing scars,
    And hope a distant treasure,
    The Haven wraps us in its arms,
    And helps us to find pleasure.

    With damage done in early years,
    And scars too deep to picture.
    With gentle calm and listening ears,
    Staff help us to find structure.

    They lift us up and sooth our souls,
    They take away our sadness.
    Replacing it with peace and hope,
    They help to banish badness.

    The chance to win some merchandise,
    Would make our dreams come true,
    For we could raise more funds to help,
    Our service and improve.

  21. Jo

    C20 were my first choice when I started my small business.
    A move I haven’t regretted, I stand out and have had so many
    positive comments. Looking professional gives confidence to both
    client and worker. I’m now starting to expand and would love the
    support of this fabulous company.

  22. Anna Palmer

    Thanks to everyone who entered our competition.
    We’ve chosen a winner!

    Congratulations Steve Goodhart, you are the winner of 5 personalised garments of your choice!
    We really like your original poem and thought it captured what your business does and how you would benefit from branded clothing, so well done! If you could respond to this post and then we’ll get the ball rolling with ordering your free garments. Thanks 🙂

  23. Anna Palmer

    We were also so impressed by the entries that we have decided to give a second prize away, 1 x personalised garment of your choice from our website! We loved Janet Murray’s “Tai Chi” entry – so congratulations, you’re our second prize winner! If you can let us know you’ve seen this post by commenting below, that would be great. Thanks 🙂

  24. Anna Palmer

    Finally, we would also like to give away a third prize. We loved that you all put so much effort into describing why branded clothing would be beneficial to you, so we’d like to offer exclusively to all entrants 10% off site-wide until the end of August, using code LOOKBIZ3. Simply enter this when prompted at the checkout. Thanks again, and look out for more competitions soon!See terms and conditions below:

    Voucher code valid up to 99 pieces only. Expires 31/08/14. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher code. Clothes2order.com reserves the right to end promotions at any time, and without prior notice.


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