The battle for number 10 is heating up this week after each mainstream party released their manifestos this week.

It seems we’ve had more failures than successes over the past 6 months in the run up to May 7th, from Tory Education Secretary Nicky Morgan exclaiming last week that failed tests must be “resitted”, to Ed Miliband forgetting to mention the deficit at his party conference in Manchester at the end of last year.

It all got a bit too personal for the two main party leaders a couple of weeks ago, during the head-to-head Channel 4/Sky battle between David Cameron and Ed Miliband. Whether you thought Jeremy Paxman’s interview tactics were brilliant, or whether you thought his style revealed that he is a “genuinely tortured, angry individual”, as his former colleague Andrew Marr commented, you must admit that the only way was up for Miliband when Paxman began with the question of why Ed was so “gloomy”.

Whether you saw his subsequent questions to Ed as personal attacks or just clever interviewing tactics, it was clear that his “North London geek” slander called into question the professionalism of Paxman, with viewers expressing their shock at the use of the phrase:

But many of those sympathizing with Ed expressed their pride at being North London Geeks, to the extent of wanting to print it on a t-shirt:

We’ve mocked up a couple of Ed’s best phrases from the night, plus a couple of other t-shirts we think might go down well before May 7th below: Are there any more phrases from the party leaders that you think would look good on a t-shirt? Let us know on Twitter @clothes2order or post a comment below.
























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