As the weather picks up, and the days and nights become lighter, May is the perfect opportunity to leave the car at home, lace up your trainers and enjoy the walk to work.

Plus – think of the cash you’ll save on fuel.


Why Walking Works For You


 1. The big one – obviously walking will help you lose weight

This is the time of year we start to think about our summer bodies. But even if you’re not considering stripping down to your swimshorts at any point this year, walking to work will help you lose pounds and feel more comfortable in your clothes.

Wear something cool and lightweight to keep you feeling fresh on the move – the B&C Sirocco Windbreaker Jacket  has a technical fabric which will allow your skin to breathe – which means you’ll clock-in with a subtle glow and a beaming smile. Not the sweaty mess you might have been in a heavy outdoor coat.



2. Walking boosts Vitamin D

Studies show that a huge number of us are lacking in Vitamin D. Blame the advances in technology, keeping us glued to TV screens and tablets – or the long British winters – but at this time of year, we have the ideal opportunity to soak in some of that good stuff.

Walking to work increases the amount of time you’ll spend outdoors in a day. Even if it’s just half an hour either side, with a brisk lunchtime walk – that’s a couple of hours’ extra sunshine you wouldn’t normally get.

A lightweight Summer uniform is the ideal accompaniment to your new routine. The Fruit of The Loom Performance Tee can be printed with your company logo, and has a 100% polyester make-up to keep you feeling cool.



3. Walking gives you energy

So not everyone can afford to walk the whole way to work. You might have one heck of a commute on your hands. But if you take the bus, make a conscious effort to get off a couple of stops early and enjoy a brisk walk to your final destination. Or, if you absolutely have to drive, get out on your lunch break and do a power lap of the area.

Many of us waste a whole lunch hour on Facebook, when we could be getting in a little exercise.

And, the more exercise you do, the more ‘happy’ hormones are released. Walking improves circulation and increases oxygen in your blood supply, so rather than feeling tired when you get back to your desk, you’ll have a spring in your step. You’ll feel more focussed, refreshed and on top of your game.

Keep a spare walking kit in your desk drawer to make the most of any free time you have. A deodorant, baby wipes and a moisture-wicking vest will ensure you feel confident all day long.

After all – nobody likes a sweaty colleague.

Start your new routine today, and see how energised you feel this time next week.