The end of October is fast approaching meaning Halloween is just around the corner! Whether you’re hosting a party or planning a cosy night in with your favourite horror films, here are 5 simple ways to get your house ready for the occasion.

1. Mummy Mason Jars

Credit: lights4fun

These won’t take long to make and will help create a cosy atmosphere; perfect for a night. The lights4fun guide will show you the simple steps to help you achieve the finished look.

What you’ll need:

Mason jars                Wilko £6.00

    LED tea lights          Amazon £2.80

                      Bandages                  Safety First Aid from 85p

        Googly eyes              The Works £1.00

                                                                          Sellotape or glue

2. Ghost Garland

Credit: Design Dining and Diapers

These light up garlands will look great on your fireplace or across a door for a party and as a bonus, they require very little materials to make. Take a look at the Taryn Whiteaker website to discover how to create these illuminated ghostly garlands.

What you’ll need:

                                     Strand of white lantern tea lights                       Anjo £9.99

                                    2 metres of white cotton fabric                            Fabric Land £1.70 per metre

                                    White string                                                             Wikes £1.49

                                    Black sharpie                                                           Amazon £3.95


3.  Glitter Pumpkin

City Tonic

Add some sparkle to the Halloween season by creating your own glittery pumpkin. This is probably the easiest decoration in this guide and the design is completely up to you so why not give it a go! Head over to the Martha Stewart website to find out how to create a pumpkin that will stand out from the rest.

What you’ll need:

                                                       Pumpkin                                                  Asda £1

                                                      Glitter (colour of your choice)             Amazon from £1.90

                                                       PVA glue                                                 Hobbycraft £4

                                                       Paintbrush                                              Toolnet 58p

4. Boo Door Sign

Credit: The Pinning Mama

This would be a great addition to your front door to let the trick or treaters know you’re in the Halloween spirit! The Pinning Mama provides a visual guide on how to create the sign and even better, it only takes 20 minutes!

What you’ll need:

                                        Thin lightweight wooden letter               The Wooden Letters Company from £2.10

                                        Black paint spray                                       Wilko £3.95

                                        Black glitter                                                Hobby craft £1.50

                                        Orange ribbon                                           Oasis Home & Hobby £1.95


5. Trick or Treat Tin Can Tea Light Holders

Credit: Pinterest

The perfect ornament for the inside or outside of the house  to create a tranqile atmosphere, whilst recycling your old tin cans. Go to the Jolly Mom  to find out how to create this seasonal tea light holder.

What you’ll need:

                                                              Empty tin can

                                                              Black Sharpie                                    Amazon £3.95

                                                              Black paint                                        Wilko £1.50

                                                              Paint brush                                       Toolnet 58p

                                                              Hammer                                            Tool Station £2.95

                                                              Large nail                                          ScrewFix £4.25

                                                              LED tea lights                                   Amazon £2.80

So there you have it – 5 simple, cost effective Halloween decorations you can make in your own home.

Happy Halloween from the C2O Team!