January is here again meaning a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. However, for some people, January can bring the dreaded January Blues, often making it difficult to get back into the swing of things. Many people believe this is because the build up to Christmas comes around earlier each year, meaning the festive season lasts longer and it can be hard for us to let go of. It also doesn’t help when the weather is still dark, cold and rainy.

This year, Blue Monday will fall on January 15th. Researchers suggest that Blue Monday is conventionally the most miserable day of the year. Being midway through January, it’s often a time when New Years resolutions may have already failed and people may have low motivation.

To help prepare you for Blue Monday, and getting through January in general, here are some tips on how to beat those January blues…

Look Ahead & Make Plans

Give yourself something to look forward to! Whether it’s booking a holiday or arranging meet up with an old friend, come up with a plan and make it happen. This will definitely help you and give you more motivation when you’re finding it hard to get back to normality.

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Exercise Regularly

Although it might feel as though it’s a bit of a cliche, it’s proven that being active lifts your mood and reduces stress as well as improving health and energy levels. You don’t even have to join a gym, you could make simple changes such as starting to walk to places more rather than opting for the car/bus etc. Making small changes is definitely better than doing nothing at all.

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Set Goals

Setting some new years resolutions can be a great way to reflect on what you want to achieve in the year ahead. It can also be a nice way of looking at what you’ve achieved in the year gone by and how you can try top that. Make sure when you set your goals that they’re measurable and manageable so you remain motivated to achieve them!

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Do Something New

For some people, the reason why they suffer from the January Blues is that they struggle knowing they have to go back to their normal routine after¬† a break from reality. Even though it’s inevitable that we have to return to our usual day to day activities after the Christmas break, we can try new things that are outside of our normal routine. For example, setting side 1 hour a week aside to learn a new language or a new skill can help you feel as though you’re doing something different to the everyday normality.

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Read For Pleasure

Sometimes it’s easy for us to get lost in news and facts that we neglect fiction. Reading a gripping story and getting lost in a book can help you escape and give you a chance to relax and unwind. Not to mention that reading a book can give our eyes a well deserved break from the screens of our laptops, phones, tablets etc.

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The new year is a great opportunity to have a well needed clear out. Whether it’s clearing out your wardrobe or finally organising your work desk, you will 100% feel better afterwards. Give it a go!

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Take Time For Yourself

It’s easy to forget to take time for yourself but it’s incredibly important to do so. Me-time gives us the chance to recharge and reflect that we can sometimes crave. Whether it’s half an hour before you go to bed or a full day of relaxation, make sure you have that all important me-time.

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