It’s an exciting time for our DTG (direct to garment) printing department with significant upgrades to our machinery just completed, providing you with better print results than ever before.

Whilst DTG printing has always been great for multi colour designs, the vibrancy of colours achieved since the upgrade is an impressive step forwards. Spot the difference for yourself with these before and after shots.

Pay particular attention to the improved depth of colour and the vibrancy in particular of reds and yellow elements.


The Techie Bit

The biggest difference since the upgrades is the ability to produce more vivid prints which will provide a truer representation of your design. This is due to the Spectra Polaris™ Printheads significantly improving the quality of the print on each dot per inch (DPI).

Additionally, our upgraded DTG printers have an increased colour spectrum of +30% compared to that of standard DTG CMYK printers. The new printers also encompass 6 colour channels.  This means we are better able to match the exact colours used within your design with our index of ink colours to provide you with the best quality.

What Does This Mean For You

The colours in your printed design will be an even closer match to the original file you supply us. We’ve always been pretty good at this if we do say so ourselves, but our upgraded machines mean we now have access to 30% more of the colour spectrum than previously.

  • Red, yellow and green elements in particular will be more vivid and vibrant
  • The print will have more depth of colour
  • If you are repeating a previous order there may be some variation between our old and new prints. Whilst this should be an improved result if you are worried about consistency please contact us and we can arrange a sample on your next order for you to approve.

We are really pleased with the results from our DTG upgrades and look forward to producing even higher quality customisations for our customers.