You may have seen in the news last week that Iceland’s Christmas advert has been banned from TV. Ad approval agency, Clearcast felt that as the advertisement was created by Greenpeace, it would be too political to be shown on TV.

The ad aims to inform viewers about how palm oil is retrieved from the rainforest and the affects it is having on the orangutans that live there. On average, 25 orangutans are killed a day due to rainforest destruction. This is why Iceland are using their Christmas advert to raise awareness of the situation and have also promised to remove palm oil from all of their own brand products.

Even though the advert has been band from our TV screens, it has proven to be extremely popular across social media. The advert has been viewed over 30 million times across social media with the original tweet from Iceland being shared over 90,000 times. The hashtag #NoPalmOilChristmas has also trended regularly throughout the week.


Credit: Twitter // @IcelandFoods

As well as the success of the ad on social media, Iceland wanted to promote their banned tv ad even further within their stores by selling Rang-tan teddy bears, with all proceeds being donated to the International Animal Rescue. They also came to us to order printed promotional t-shirts for their staff to wear, encouraging customers to go watch their advert.

The Iceland team in their new personalised t-shirts Credit: Twitter // @IcelandFoods

We received the order for 10,000 printed white t-shirts last week. We recommended our best selling Gildan Men’s Ringspun t-shirt as it’s a great t-shirt to print on. Iceland also made use of our 4 day express dispatch service meaning their order left our warehouse just 4 days after it was placed. Because of the time scale and the large quantity of t-shirts required, we decided to screen print the design onto the t-shirts as it’s the perfect printing method for large quantities with multi coloured designs. The t-shirts feature the famous cartoon orangutan as well as the words “Watch our banned Christmas TV ad on YouTube #NoPalmOilChristmas”.

iceland t shirts 2 1

Credit: Twitter // @Sparkletutu

We’re really happy with the way the t-shirts turned out and we hope the Iceland team enjoy wearing them throughout the festive period!