Nowadays, an artist’s merchandise can be just as popular as their music! With musicians merchandise being sold in more mainstream shops such as H&M and Primark, it’s safe to say it’s becoming increasingly popular. However, with more eyes on the merch, there is a lot of attention when things go wrong.

Last week, a Taylor Swift fan took to Twitter to share thepeculiar Taylor Swift merchandise she had recently purchased. Unfortunatley, there was a slight issue with the t-shirt which fans have been quick to comment on. The t-shirt featured lyrics from Taylor Swift’s newest single ‘Me’ however there was a misplaced apostrophe leaving the t-shirt to say “Your’e the only one you baby that’s the fun of you.”

Taylor Swift
Credit: Twitter // @SavvyStrardust

Taylor’s t-shirts aren’t the only ones to have played host to a spelling mistake.

Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour T-Shirts

In 2016, Justin Bieber was forced to recall t-shirts from his Purpose tour merchandise. The t-shirts, inspired by the name of the tour were supposed to read “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is God’s purpose that prevails”. Unfortunately for Justin, the quote included the misspelling ‘purose’ rather than purpose. Once fans began to notice the spelling mistake, the t-shirts were recalled, with fans being given the chance to swap the misspelt tee free of charge.

Daily Mail
Credit: Daily Mail

H&M’S Genius T-Shirts

It’s not just merchandise that’s seen a fair share of spelling mistakes, it’s often global retailers who can find themselves in the midst of a spelling scandal too.

Perhaps the most ironic misspelt t-shirt came from H&M in 2015. The basic printed tee featured a quote from Thomas Edison reading “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration”. The printed t-shirt didn’t look so clever on the website however when it showed the word genius had been spelt “genious!” Whilst it took almost a month for anyone to notice, the t-shirt was removed from both stores and the website.

Credit: Metro
Credit: Metro

Topshop’s Shakespeare Tee

H&M aren’t alone however when it comes to misspelling famous quotes. Topshop famously misspelt Shakespeare’s name back in 2012 on one of their printed t-shirt designs.

The t-shirt featured the famous Romeo and Juliet quote ‘Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?’. Unlike H&M, Topshop didn’t make any spelling mistakes within the quote itself, it was just when it came to giving credit to the author. The t-shirt was missing an extra ‘a’ as it read ‘Shakespere’ rather than ‘Shakespeare.’ Topshop faced a backlash of comments across social media as well as on product reviews. It wasn’t long before the t-shirt was removed from the website and recalled from all stores!

Credit: HuffPost
Credit: HuffPost

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