Tomorrow is Feel the Force Day, a very special day in the comic and film convention calendar. In Peterborough UK an events center will host the UKs only convention designed for people with disabilities. Run by people who work with, live with, are friends with and are disabled themselves, they have a strong understanding of what makes for good access and they wanted to bring that to people in a fun way.

MySign Tuition Ltd is a Deaf led business which teaches British Sign Language, Deaf Awareness and Family sign language they aim to “remove barriers and increase communication”. They have worked with Feel the Force for the last few years to make the event more accessible not only on the main stages but for all the other areas of the convention from ordering food to parking the car – MySign volunteers are there to make the event better.

Feel the Force dath vader 2018
Feel the Force 2018 MySign and Dath Vader

“We had BSL learners who needed to meet more Deaf people and practice their signing. We met with JJ and Simon and discussed whether we could work together with MySign Tuition providing a group of volunteer signers to ensure the whole day was fully accessible to Deaf BSL users. We needed the T shirts to make it easy to spot our signers for anyone who needed communication support.”

One of the unique problems that comes with being a BSL interpreter is not only making sure people can find you easily in a crowd but also make sure that people can see what you are signing. Not having lanyards or name badges on helps keep movement free and easy.


MySign004 1

C2O staff preparing a shirt for DTG printing

“We needed something reasonably plain with our logo clearly printed but that would also be suitable for crawling around with very young children as well as giving presentations to businesses – not easy!”

Staff preparing design for DTG printing

Working with our artwork and production teams we made sure that MySign got a good quality and cost effective top for volunteers to wear to help make the event as accessible as possible. This is why we used our eco friendly DTG system to print the design on crisp black tops- both easily visible and a great, distraction free canvas for signing on. Using the Fruit of the Loom Lightweight shirt gives volunteers breath-ability and is a firm favorite for a lot of our customers for volunteer and promotional staff. One of the advantages of DTG printing is it’s long lasting and will keep a nice bold edge even after many washes.

This year Feel the Force has grown and moved to a new venue and we are delighted that not only has our team from last year volunteered again but we have new volunteers as well – this is why we needed more T-shirts! Re ordering from C2O was easy and our order arrived yesterday.”

We love working and supporting companies like MySign Tuition and events like Feel the Force, we hope everyone has an amazing day tomorrow!

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