Merchandise has always been a big hit in the music and film industry but recently more and more restaurants/ cafes have also been successfully selling their own merchandise. It seems that many customers not only want to take away their dining experience from a restaurant, but also a brandted t-shirt to remember the experience by.


Last year, KFC released their own limited edition of merchandise, ranging from socks to t-shirts. Their eye catching range was bright and wacky which caught customers attention. Also, running their merchandise for a limited amount of time attracted lot’s of attention and meant that customers acted fast!

Credit: Huffington Post

Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe is world famous and their merchandise has also become world famous too. Their t-shirts also include the location of the restaraunt which you have visited, making it even more personal.

Credit: The Rock Shop

Cat Cafe (Manchester)

The Cat Cafe in Manchester gives customers the chance to sit and have their food and drink whilst enjoying the company of cats. For cat lovers, this is an experience they will definitley want to remember and they can do so by  purchasing a peice of the Cat Cafe Merchandise.

Credit: Cat Cafe


Why sell merchandise?

Simply put, it’s free advertsing! If you have customers walking round wearing your merchandise, they become brand ambassadors by getting your restaurant’s name out there which could lead to lot’s of new customers.

Selling branded t-shirts could also offer great financial gain. If you have lot’s of loyal customers and a big following on social media, then you have a great audience to sell your branded t-shirts too and create extra income.

However, it’s not always easy to sell branded merchandise. If there’s no demand for it, then it could seem like a waste of money. Why not test the waters by purchasing a small batch of t-shirts to start off with and sell then in your restaurant to see what your sales are like. If sales are good then you could try selling more and advertising about your t-shirts.