Account Options

The Clothes2order API account area provides several options to update information stored with us, as well as view a full and complete history of all orders submitted through the API.

View Full Order History

All orders generated through your API account can be viewed in detail here. Click an order number to view what was selected for a particular order. Any order issues which may be preventing your order being dispatched will also be listed here.

View or Change Account Information

The information you gave when signing up for an API account (name, email, website, billing contact details etc) can all be updated from this page.

Change Account Password

You can update your account password here at any time. Please ensure you protect your password at all times as someone with access to your account can access your API key.

View Current API Settings

API settings associated with your account can be viewed here. Please note the settings in this section are not user-editable, so to discuss any changes please contact our API team