There are two main options we offer for payment:

  • Credit/Debit Card (Invoiced weekly)
  • BACS/Cheque (Invoiced monthly)

By default, all API users will be placed on the default Credit/Debit card weekly payment option. Only users with significant API sales or new sign ups with substantial trading history are eligible for the monthly credit option and this is purely at the discretion of

All invoices are sent via email to the billing contact listed on your account.

Credit/Debit Card (Invoiced weekly) Payment Option

By default, all new API users are placed on this payment option. Once a card is saved on your Clothes2order API account, you will be invoiced via email on the Tuesday of each week for sales from the previous Monday to Sunday. Payment will then automatically be taken on the Thursday of that week from your saved credit/debit card. If the payment fails, your API access will be suspended until all outstanding invoices are cleared.

BACS/Cheque (Invoiced monthly) Payment Option

With this option, an invoice will automatically be sent on the 7th of each month for the previous months sales. Payment should then be made within 7 days; please note as well as BACS and Cheque payments, monthly invoice users are still able to log in and pay invoices online via credit/debit card.

Add/Update Credit Card

Adding a credit/debit card to your Clothes2order API account is easy. Simply enter your card number, expiry date and CVV and the card will be added to your account. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards for payment of API invoices.

Before your card can be used, you will need to verify it. We will make a small charge of between ?0.01 and ?0.99 to your card. Please check your statement and enter this amount in the box shown to verify your card. Please note if you enter the incorrect verification amount three times your account will be locked.

Once your card has been verified, the charge amount will be added to your account as a credit and will automatically be subtracted from your next invoice when this is generated.

Only one card can be stored against your account, but this can be updated at any time by clicking the ‘Edit Card’ button.

Add Credit to your Account

If you wish to credit your account using your credit/debit card you can do so at any time. Any credit stored on your account is shown on this page. This value will automatically be deducted from your next generated invoice. If your next invoice is less than the value of your remaining credit, the amount of credit remaining in your account will simply be reduced by the value of the invoice and the rest will remain available for subsequent invoice payments.

New API users on the credit/debit card payment option are required to make a credit before their API status can be set live. Credit payments made do not have a time limit to be used but are not refundable.

View All Invoices

All invoices generated can be viewed here and downloaded in PDF format. Any outstanding invoices can also be paid from this page using your stored credit/debit card.