Custom Pricing

The Clothes2order API supports very flexible pricing levels. The price we can offer you will be largely based on the volume of orders you are sending and for simplicity, we will charge you a flat rate price per SKU. These prices are based on our existing pricing structure; for example you might be set on “price break 3 + 5%” for products and “price break 2 – 10%” for application charges.


You can view your current pricing structure by logging in to your account and all your exact SKU prices can be viewed by downloading your pricing data feed from your account.

By default, all new users start with:

  • Price break 2 for products and applications
  • FREE set up for all printed logos (save money instantly versus placing the order through our normal site)

If you’d like to discuss alternative pricing levels simply contact our API team and we can offer alternative prices based on your sales volume.

If this sounds like the API for you, click here to sign up now.