Silent Fulfilment

Many clothing APIs on the market are quite basic. You can submit an order, but then you have to redirect the user to someone else’s payment pages to complete the order on a different URL. Not only is this a poor experience for your customer but it makes your site look very amateurish. For any serious business, an API set up like this doesn’t offer an acceptable solution.

The Clothes2order API is different! You send your orders to us electronically without your customer needing to leave your website. You retain complete control of your own order process.

  • Set up your website however you please; any ecommerce platform can work with our API.
  • Charge whatever you like for your items.
  • Take payment via whichever method you choose.
  • We’ll send your order directly to your customer, with a custom packing slip as standard.
  • We won’t market to or contact your customer directly.

If this sounds like the API for you, click here to sign up now.