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Screen Printing

Screen Printing, workwear & screen printed T-shirts

Clothes2order offer a range of screen printed clothing including screen printed workwear or promotional clothing such as screen printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and polo-shirts. Please note that due to the high costs of screen print setup, Clothes2order only offers screen printing on orders over 1000 pieces. Use the links to the right to view our individual products suitable for screen printing, or read further to find out more about how it works and the benefits of screen printed clothes.

Screen Printing Machine

Screen Print

Printing involves the application of colour normally by ink. The traditional method of producing printed T-shirts and printed workwear is screen printing. In order to screen print an item the design has to be separate into the component colours. This is nowadays done by vectored design programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Each colour then has a separate screen produced using light reactive chemicals. The screen consists of a very fine mesh surface. Where the chemical has been exposed to light the chemicals breakdown and are washed off leaving spaces in the mesh. The ink can then be screen printed onto the t-shirts direct or onto transfer paper which is later applied to the T-shirts by a heat press. If the direct printing method is used, the T shirts are place on a solid board (platen). The colours are then applied individually by placing the screen manually or automatically on top of the T-shirt and forcing the printers ink through the relevant screen onto the T-shirt.

Screen Printing Example

Screen Printing compared to Embroidery

Good For Large Areas

Low cost for larger quantities - Not economical for small or medium sized orders - Clothes2order only offers screen printing on orders of 1000 pieces or more

At we are able to offer several methods for the creation of screen printed clothes. If you don't require more than 1000 pieces, we can still offer great quality DTG Printing with no minimum order.

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DTG Printing

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