The new McDonalds uniform has been met with mixed reviews. In a post by Chris Matyszczyk, the slick, grey attire is compared to Deathstar Vibes – pitching McDonalds staff alongside Storm Troopers in tongue-in-cheek memes.

The uniform is criticised for the designer’s choice of colour – likening the monotone greys to Fifty Shades of Dull.

Comparatively, in a Newsroom article, the uniform – styled based on employee feedback – is praised for its modern design, hailing it a new effort refresh the restaurant experience.

So what do we learn from McDonalds’ attempts to renew their staff uniform?

Consider Colour

The colour grey is both mocked and applauded in this example, which emphasises the importance of getting it right. When choosing your staff uniform, it is important to consider the message you wish to portray, both within your business and to your customers. Ask colleagues how certain colours make them feel, and ask yourself if the colour you have chosen for your staff uniform truly reflects the company’s values.

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Think About Functionality

McDonalds have introduced a versatile denim apron, which can be worn in a number of ways to suit the user. The colour grey can also considered to be a functional choice, as it will hide stains well – something easily picked up in food preparation.

Consider how you and your colleagues will work and move in your chosen uniform, and apply this to pieces of clothing you choose. A fitted shirt for example may not be suitable in a role which requires freedom of movement and strenuous activity. For this you may want to consider a t shirt which is breathable and lightweight – which wicks moisture away from the skin and keeps the wearer dry.

Ask colleagues for examples of their daily tasks. Some may differ from others.

Move Seamlessly From Office To Bar

Part of the designer’s decision to use the colour grey in McDonalds’ new uniform, and stick to streamlined and monotone pieces, was to allow the wearer to move seamlessly from the work environment to a social one.

We’re not sure how popular it would be to go straight to the local after spending all day in a humid environment, but McDonalds new uniform certainly allows for this.

Consider fashion when choosing your new staff uniform. Choose wearable pieces that your colleagues will feel not only comfortable, but confident in. The AWDis Hoodie is a stylish and functional jacket which will integrate well from the 9-5 to a cinema date afterwards.

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What are your thoughts on McDonalds new uniform? Let us know in the comments below.