Cultivating a strong brand plays such an important role for all businesses regardless of their size or stature. Effective branding should make people aware of how your business is different to what is already out there. Additionally, your branding should be memorable and provide your business with an identity. 

Improving branding needs to be regularly reviewed and changed accordingly, in whichever direction your business goes. To help your brand stay on top of its game, we have identified 5 quick ways which can be implemented to instantly improve a brand.


Consistency is key in creating a strong brand. Give your audience familiarity and clear brand image through messaging and regularity of communications. Being consistent has numerous benefits including helping your brand be better understood by customers. Also, consistency helps to build awareness of your business through all of your communication channels.

A strategy to achieve consistency would be to put standards into place which all team members can be held accountable for. Additionally ensure that the team understands and practises the key values of the organisation, this way everyone will be pulling in the desired direction.

Not being consistent can be detrimental to your brand’s overall perception. If customers see that a brand is inconsistent they are less likely to trust the brand. This is due to the sense of unreliability created when messaging is irregular.

Finding the Right Tone of Voice

Tone of voice used in communications is an important aspect to review when it comes to branding. This is especially important when using social media. Make sure your tone of voice suits the channel you’re using and the message being shared.

Based on your brand values, think how you would like to sound. For example, is your brand formal, casual, practical, fun or aspirational? With a decided tone of voice it will be more efficient to respond to customers and to create posts. Additionally with a decided tone of voice multiple people can seamlessly respond and create posts on the businesses behalf whilst keeping the messaging cohesive.

Refresh Your Brand, Don’t Reinvent

You don’t need to create a complete new identity for your brand. You can subtly improve elements in order to keep the brand fresh. For example you could improve the colour palette logo and fonts which are used for your business. Updating one of these elements is a quick change that can make an instant impact.

Refreshing elements keeps the visual identity of your brand up-to-date and appealing.  A refresh also keeps the familiarity for your audience as opposed to a full rebrand. A full rebrand can cause your existing customer base to leave as they may no longer identify with the new brand. 

Tell Your Story

Every brand has a story so why not tell yours and make it a focal point of your brand. Make sure that your customers have a clear idea of the story and what makes you as a brand unique. Your story can include elements such as your values, your mission and the positive progress and landmarks that the brand has made. This will make the brand more relatable to customers by having clear values which they can resonate with. Ensure your brand’s story is easily accessible on your website and social channels in order to further strengthen your brand’s identity.

Brand Your Team

A quick method to improve your brand is by updating your uniform. This will make your team look professional and can further help to convey your brand. Why not add a new unique layer to your uniform such as a fleece or a softshell jacket?

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