If you have ever wondered how to print on t-shirts professionally? If so you are in the right place. At Clothes2order we create high quality products with custom print or embroidery to make something bespoke for you. Our mission is simple, to be the world’s favourite custom branded clothing company.

The products we make are more than just t shirts, hoodies or polo shirts – they bring businesses, charities and groups of all sizes together, making teams look professional and united.

So how can we support you in creating great personalised clothing to showcase your brand or organisation? Follow this step-by-step guide to creating your printed t shirts. See what to consider to first, things to think about before you select your product and what happens once your order is placed. Knowing how to print a t-shirt can be confusing if you’ve not done it before but we try to make it simple, with easy online ordering and a friendly support team here to help when you need it.

First up is choosing the right product. We have a full guide on choosing the right t shirt here, but here is our summary of finding the right product based on price, durability and sustainability.

How to Decide on the Right T-shirt For You

T Shirt Printing on a Budget

T-shirts are the largest product category on our site with 100’s of options available. Don’t be daunted by this though, they are easily filtered by brand, colour and fit. If price is key for you though then after doing your filtering simply sort by ‘price – low to high’ which will give you the cheapest t shirts we offer right to the top of the page.

A screenshot of the Clothes2order PLP.

You’ll also want to consider quantity as the best way to bring your price per t shirt down. Check out the price table on each page to see how you can bring the price per t shirt down by ordering your printed t shirts in bulk.

Choosing the Most Durable T-shirt

Choosing the cheapest t shirt might suit an event or promotion but if you are looking for the best value over time you’re going to want the most durable products. Think about price per wear, with more premium products lasting longer in terms of holding their colour and keeping their shape then just going for the lowest cost might not be best. Buy cheap buy twice and all that.

Print itself is perfectly durable. As long as you can wash at 30 degrees it should last the lifetime of the garment. Therefore picking the right product can make a huge difference to how long that printed tee will last, especially if it is frequently worn at a trade workwear site or as a bar or café uniform. If you know the intent of your item is to be longer term then consider a higher value workwear t-shirt. Our top tips to find the most durable t shirts:

1 – Filter by fabric weight, looking for mid or heavyweight products.

2- Filter by fabric type, with poly cotton or even 100% polyester holding up best over time.

3- Sort by price high to low. You usually get what you pay for and the higher price t shirts will generally also be the longest lasting.

What to consider for a product that’s better for the planet

Sustainability > what impact will your order have on the planet?

If you are conscious about the planet then we recommend you narrow your search down by brand or by fabric type and choosing ‘organic’. Our trademarked t-shirt printing ‘Greenprinted™’ process uses a lot less water than typical machinery. Our printers bond ink to your fabric in the most water-free process available, using 95% less water than traditional methods. In 2019 alone we saved 1.4 million litres of water.

Stanley Stella is a high demand and growing brand with sustainability being a core business value. They offer a range of authentic, vegan and organic t-shirts designed to respect people, the environment and customers.

Typical cost of t-shirt printing

T-shirt printing is affordable within any budget. We offer a range of brands to you so that you can get the best price for your goal.

£5 or below for a good t-shirt that will have the purpose for short or one of events. As an example this would be business promotions or personal events like stag or hen do t-shirts.

£5 to £15 for a better product that will last for multiple washes and usages. We recommend this price range when purchasing for hospitality, promotions or mid term events.

Above £15 products for best in market. These would be hard wearing or long sleeve products that use innovative technology in the material. Pro-RTX, Portwest and similar brands to new a few within this price point.

How to decide a budget and select a product

What happens when you have no price in mind or other factors are highly important to you? We recommend that you use our pain free options on site to provide the best results based on your needs.

Browse the t-shirt category of our site use the filters on the page in order to narrow your list to the most relevant products based on your requirements. There is an option to keep this really effortless and use the “Purpose” filter to provide you the best results.

A screen shot of the top of the t-shirts lister page

If this option still provides difficulty then we recommend using the following methods to help you complete your order.

Albot AI help tool

Easy methods to contact us for support

You can also call our sales team. Our friendly experts are ready to answer your call. Our team can be called on 0800 012 2602 to support you through the process. As a business we have over 20 years experience in t-shirt printing so whatever you need we can give you the advice you need.

Alternatively, you can use our on-site chat which will help you with the process. Initially our clever bot will try to help answer, but if after a few queries and it’s within working hours one of our team will jump in to help.

Provide your logo or design

Once you’ve selected your perfect t shirt, you can add up to 6 customisations to attach to your items. If you only require 1 customisation, just select one customisation. If you need to create a new customisation, simply click the large “Create or Upload a new customisation” button. Then follow the instructions to create either printed text or upload a printed logo. Once you have selected your required customisations, click the green button to proceed.

When you upload a logo or design; artwork that has the best quality is typically a vectored image file. This can be either an .ai, .eps, or .pdf. You can also provide a .psd (Photoshop file). We also accept the following file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, ai, eps, ps, pdf, png, psd, svg, tiff, tif.

All artwork is checked before the order is sent to production to ensure the highest quality end product. We will contact you directly about your t-shirt print if we need you to agree to any changes with your logo or design. This is how we can offer our satisfaction guarantee.

Once your logo has been accepted and digitised by our artwork team it can be used on other times also such as custom polo shirts.

Customer wearing a 'full metal' design t-shirt

What is our process when you have ordered?

Once you have made an order, we use DTG Printing or Transfer printing as appropriate for your product selection and logo. If you have a particular method in mind leave an order comment or you can trust us to make the best decision for you. Visit our YouTube channel and check out our videos the latest generation of DTG printers in action at our state of the art Manchester operation.

And now all you have to do is wait. We offer standard, express and next day delivery on orders. Free Delivery is available on orders, just check out the criteria on our delivery page before your make payment to ensure we deliver your product ahead of time. Your t-shirt print will be ready from us and making your team look the business as soon as possible.

Need custom printed t-shirts, get in touch with our team today.