It can sometimes be hectic in the run up to an exhibition when you’re trying to remember all the things you need to do. How to prepare your exhibition stand should be your top priority. That’s why we’ve created our exhibition checklist with all the things we think are essential for making an exhibition a success.

Your Exhibition Checklist

Define Your Objective & Your Audience

It’s important that everyone in your team is aware of why you are at the exhibition. Are you wanting to make sales or are you there to network? Knowing this can also help define your audience and ensure you’re team understand which customers to target.

Brand Your Stand

With so many other companies attending the exhibition, you need to make sure your stand is the one that gets noticed! One of the best ways to do this is purchasing signs and banners that will make your brand unmissable. Before ordering your signs and banners, be sure to find out relevant information such as the size of the space…the last thing you want to do is order a sign that’s way too big or too small.

The C2O Field Sales team at the Northern Restaurant & Bar Show earlier this year

Personalise Your Exhibition Wardrobe

Kitting your team out in personalised clothing can really help create a professional identity that unites your team. It can also make it easier for customers to recognise who to approach if they want to find out more information about your products and services. 

For a professional look, we would definitely recommend personalised polo shirts, shirts and personalised jackets. For a more laid back look, we would recommend printed t-shirts, custom hoodies and sweatshirts. We would also suggest having your logo either printed or embroidered and perhaps the number of the stand you’re at. 


If you’re in a rush to get your personalised clothing ordered, we have a great range of express items available for delivery the next working day!

Small Details That Create A Big Impression

Small details can make all the difference! Leaflets and business cards are a definite must for any exhibition as it will help you build your network. Freebies for people visiting your stand such as personalised tote bags or personalised soft toys are also a great way of making sure your brand is remembered.

Two teddy bears wearing a t-shirt reading 'the fat pizza'


Whether it’s on social media, through an email or perhaps a leaflet, it’s important to advertise that you’re going to be at the event so you can spark an interest with your customers.

Now you have your considerations for your next exhibition, ensure your exhibition wardrobe is up to date by getting in touch with our friendly team.