Ahead of Women in Construction Week, let’s take a look at the history and the purpose of this growing initiative.

What is Women in Construction Week?

Women in Construction Week is a celebration of all women in construction with the purpose of strengthening and amplifying the success of women in the construction industry. Additionally, it’s a time to bring to the forefront education on how women can get into and develop their careers within the industry.

Women in Construction Week is organised by the National Association of Women in Construction and can trace its roots back to 1953 with the first official week of celebrations happening in 1998. In its early days, this had been created as a support network for women working in what is a traditionally male-dominated field and has helped to drastically reduce the stigma.

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Ever since the week’s inception in 1998, it has grown from strength to strength. The week champions women’s impact on direction of the construction industry, whilst providing education, community and advocacy for women.   

When is Women in Construction Week?

Women in Construction Week falls on the first full week of March each year. In 2024, Women in Construction Week will fall between the dates of the 3rd of March and 9th of March.

How to Celebrate Women in Construction Week

The theme for Women in Construction Week 2024 is ‘Keys to the Future’. This theme’s aims are to show all about the knowledge and strengths which women bring in shaping the future of the construction industry.  

Throughout Women in Construction Week, there will be a number of events which are happening at a local level and there are additionally a number of virtual events, which are free to sign up too. These virtual events focus on topics such as breaking stereotypes, workplace safety and leadership within the industry.

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Additionally, if you are in the construction industry you can celebrate Women in Construction Week by sharing your story in your organisation or through an association to help spread the word of your own unique achievements.

Why is there a Women in Construction Week?

Women in Construction Week helps to address stigmas, educate on how to get into the industry and champion successes. 

But there are still prejudices which are faced by women in the industry through old-fashioned attitudes. But, with initiatives such as Women in Construction Week and similar, these misconceptions and prejudices are slowly diminishing. This can be evidenced by 37% of new entrants into the construction industry from higher education being women. 

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There still is work to be done as currently within the UK, 15.8% of the construction workforce identifies as female. But with the growing trend of choosing construction, this number is only set to rise as this number had been growing quarter on quarter in 2023 with an estimated 340,000 women in the industry.

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