When starting a new business, the entrepreneur will face a huge number of obstacles. Although exciting – spreading your wings in the business world, and getting your ideas out there – building a start-up can be a challenging and daunting time.

Who are you? What’s your niche? What do you offer that’s different to all the other butchers, bakers, candlestick-makers who’re already out there? And that’s where branding plays a huge part.

In the case of Bridal Box Studios – an innovative new wedding business in the North West – creating a recognisable brand was key to getting on the map. Owner, Charlotte Hartley, came to us looking for personalised workwear.

“I had started my own business offering a custom wedding package – venue dressing, wedding bouquets and buttonholes – which are totally bespoke to the bride and groom’s preference. Following a successful start, I was about to exhibit at my first wedding fayre. I was hugely excited, but I also knew that – as a newbie – I had to stand out. I wanted to look professional, but approachable, and that had to come through in my uniform.”

A recognisable brand, which instills trust

Charlotte chose a white, fitted polo shirt with an embroidered logo. She wanted a relaxed and friendly look, and stressed that it was important to feel comfortable. We recommended a lightweight, fitted style – with high-quality embroidery to make her logo ‘pop’. She was delighted with the results.

“Opening the package on my new uniform was definitely a butterfly-in-the-tummy moment. Seeing my logo displayed in such a punchy, professional way was a wonderful feeling. Suddenly it felt real – I was actually running my own company, and I became more confident in myself and my business.

“Exhibiting at the wedding fayre – I was in my element. I was relaxed and confident. When meeting potential clients and talking-up my offering, I felt like I knew what I was about. And people put their trust in me – because I looked the part.”

Bridal Box

Consistent branding drives the best results

Creating a brand was very important to Charlotte. Perhaps even more so, thanks to the difficult circumstances of starting up her business.

“I actually lost my regular job a couple of weeks before my wedding day. That was really tough, but it made me evaluate what I wanted from life. I’d toyed with the idea of working for myself for a while, and I’d been heavily involved in the organisation of my own wedding. I’d made my own bouquets and centrepieces, and dressed the venue using my own creations.”

“I knew that I had to give this 100%, or I’d live to regret it. Which is why I worked so hard to create a recognisable brand – one which is consistent across my website, business cards, social media pages and branded workwear.

Consistency is so important. That’s why I really appreciate the time Clothes2Order took to get my logo just right. Everything from the font, to the sizing and shades of colour. People know who I am because they recognise my logo. Flitting between my Facebook page to my website – the transition is smooth. Or they’ll refer back to my business cards after an initial meeting, and think ‘Yeah – I remember her. She was the one in the white polo shirt who listened and helped talk through my ideas.”

Of course – being polite and friendly also helps!”

We wish Charlotte and everyone at Bridal Box Studios luck in their upcoming events.

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