It’s very important to ensure that you and your team have the best fit for your personalised clothing. How to find the right size of your printed t-shirts and custom polo shirts is simple with Clothes2order. This can be achieved by following the size guide information displayed for each item. 

Great custom fit clothing provides a professional appearance. It conveys attention to detail, style, and confidence, making a positive impression on the team and other stakeholders. Additionally, clothing that fits properly is more comfortable to wear than clothing that is too tight or too loose. This also provides greater mobility, useful in manual roles. A further benefit is that great fitting clothing is more likely to last longer. This is due to being less likely to wear out or get damaged due to excess strain or movement. 

How To Find The Right T-shirt and Hoodie Size

Product Information

On every single product we display detailed sizing information. We have many different brands and styles, so what may fit great in one brand may not in another. This also means that there is no standard size guide which applies for the entire site. For example, a medium produced by Fruit of the Loom may differ to a medium by Gildan.

To view the sizing information for an item, either click ‘View size info’ highlighted below or alternatively scroll down to find the ‘Sizing’ tab.

PDP of the Gildan soft style t-shirt

Two terms to make sure to be clear on when looking at the size guides in actual chest and chest to fit. Some size guides for certain items may refer to one or the other. So it is important to be sure which one the size guide is referring to as this is different for different brands on the site.

What is Actual Chest?

This is the measurements from armpit to armpit. This relates to the width of the garments, not the body.

What is Chest to Fit?

The circumference around the body, so your actual chest dimensions on the front and on the back. 

How to Measure T Shirts and Hoodies

Those two measurements and the difference between them may be confusing, so we have put together a handy video which shows and explains all.

Chest to fit is a popular measurement which is used by many online retailers and is a measurement of the torso. To measure chest to fit, you will simply need to measure just underneath the armpit, all the way around the chest. It is important to take this measurement in inches. This measurement is listed in inches as we find the majority of our customers know their chest size in the imperial system.

Whereas, all other measurements within are size guides are taken in centimetres and this includes the actual chest measurement. Actual chest is measured armpit to armpit of the garment itself. So, if you own a great fitting t-shirt already, then the measurements can be compared against this.

Other measurements that you may see on our size guides include sleeve length and body length. Taking note of these lengths can be beneficial for items such as shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. To find the sleeve length, place the end of the tape measure at the centre of your back and measure the distance to the tip of your shoulder. Then continue from your shoulder to your elbow and lastly from your elbow to your wrist. This measurement is in centimetres.

For body length, this measurement is taken from the uppermost part of the garment, next to the collar to the very edge of the bottom hem. You may also notice on some of our size guides there are tolerance values so be sure to take this into account.

Sample Orders

Due to custom clothing being a bespoke item, it’s important that you are confident with the sizing requirements of your team. This is why before placing a large order, we would recommend ordering a small sample order through the website. This is a great way to see the high quality nature of applications first hand. Also, you can establish the sizing for some brands or products you may not have ordered before.

Looking to order for yourself or your business, then get in touch with our expert team.