Britain is shaping up to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III and Camilla on Saturday 6 May 2023. On what is sure to be a memorable day for all involved, there are many different ways in which businesses can show their support for the coronation. Here are some ideas which your business can implement.

Create a limited edition product

If your business manufactures a product or makes something tangible, you can create a limited edition product featuring the coronation emblem.

Throughout the upcoming celebrations you will definitely notice the use of the coronation emblem. The emblem pays tribute to the natural world and contains a flower which represents each of the 4 home nations. The rose of England, the thistle of Scotland, the daffodil of Wales and the shamrock of Northern Ireland.

The colours used of red white and blue represent that of the union flag. The emblem has been designed by Sir Jony Ive KBE and helps to symbolise the historic beginning of the new reign. Over the coronation weekend you will see the emblem featured at the Coronation Service at Westminster Abbey and also at the Coronation Concert which is scheduled to take place at Windsor Castle. So why not incorporate it into a limited edition run of a product to help celebrate the occasion. 

The coronation emblem is able to be used by businesses, charities and individuals to help celebrate the event. This includes use in the use for commercial, merchandise and advertising. This opens up numerous opportunities for how the emblem can be used. The emblem can be downloaded here.

However be sure not to redraw or alter parts of the emblem as this is against the usage rights.

Get the t-shirt

If the nature of your business is not in manufacturing, you can still use the royal emblem for a t-shirt. This can be simply ordering a custom t-shirt with the coronation logo on or you could combine it with your company’s logo. This can be a great staff uniform for the days leading up to the coronation. We would recommend using a t-shirt such as Gildan Men’s SoftStyle T-Shirt, Fruit Of The Loom Valueweight T-Shirt or Stanley/Stella Vegan T-shirt for this. Creating a t-shirt is a great way to create your own memorabilia to remember the day.

Hold an event

Hosting an event is an ideal way for your business to join in with the celebrations. For example, you could host a tea party for your staff and/or clients. The tea party can have  traditional British treats, music and decorations that reflect the royal theme. This can be a great way to generate a buzz around the business. It can also help to create a sense of community and bring people together to celebrate the occasion. The decorations can be another great way to use the coronation emblem and  show support for the occasion.

You could also host an event on behalf of a charity. This is a great way to give back to the community and support a worthwhile cause. For example, you could organise an coronation auction with all proceeds going to a relevant charity. This can be a great way to generate positive publicity and show support for the cause.

Sponsor a local event 

Lots of communities across the UK will be holding street parties or parades for the coronation. Sponsoring a local event that is celebrating the occasion can be a great way for businesses to promote their brand and show support for the community. This can help to generate positive publicity and spread awareness of your businesses within the community local to you.

Offer special discounts

Offering special discounts or promotions can help to generate excitement and encourage people to purchase. The national attention will be on the coronation so you can take this as an opportunity to help promote your business by offering a discount inspired by the coronation. You will need to be creative however, as this will be on the radar of many other competitors.