Even though we may not realise it, we come across work uniforms quite a lot in our everyday life. Whether it’s at the shops, the cinema or in a restaurant, we encounter many staff wearing work uniforms more often than we might notice. Whilst some people may believe that uniforms are a little outdated, at Clothes2order we believe there are many benefits to having a work uniform so we’ve put together our top 5 reasons below.

Create An Identity

Having your logo on a uniform can help create an identity and be a huge benefit when promoting your company within the workplace or at events such as trade shows or product launches. It can also help differentiate your brand from other competitors which is particularly good for new start up brands that want to get noticed.

Our customers Google used branded t-shirts to stand out at their launch of the new ‘Google Go’ app in New Delhi

Saves Employees Time & Money

Having a work uniform means employees already know what they’re going to wear to work therefore it means they don’t have to spend time either in the morning or the night before putting an outfit together or thinking about what to wear to work the next day.

Also, having a work uniform supplied by a business means that employees don’t have to spend their money on ‘work clothes’ so can either spend or save up for other things.

Professional Look

A uniform can instantly create a professional look and feel between the customer and employee which can help your brand image. Having a professional uniform can also help a customer identify members of staff in environments such as shops and restaurants, where they may need help – a uniform will help them recognise who to look for.

Our customers RUPS Plumbing & Heating Services have created a professional look using the Beechfield Snowstar Beanie and Russell Soft Shell Workwear Jacket


Uniforms within the workplace help removes social statuses and brings people from all backgrounds together onto an equal platform which could be beneficial in terms of team building.


In some cases, uniforms can also act as protection for employees and protect them from things such as harmful substances or potentially dangerous environments. For example Hi-Vis jackets can protect employees working on road maintenance or within a dark warehouse by allowing them to be seen.

The Dickies Hi-Vis Highway Safety Waistcoat provides protection for our customers UAV Highland

Would you prefer to wear a work uniform or your own clothes to work? Let us know is the comments below or tweet us @Clothes2order