The weather may still be a little on the cold side, but there’s nothing like Valentine’s Day to warm our collective souls.

I personally believe the climate shouldn’t get in the way of some good, old-fashioned romancing, so just wrap up in one of our three-layer, water-resistant Softshell Jackets by Russell and let the fun begin!

Russell Soft Shell Jacket

If, like me, you’re terrible at making decisions and need a bit more help than that, fear not. I’ve come up with a list of date ideas suitable to any weather.

All you need is your trusty Russell jacket (in one of six snazzy colours) and the person you’re trying to romance. Oh… and maybe some money. 

Go Ape

From treetop challenges to axe throwing, adventure parks are brimming with outdoor activities that test your will and provide endless fun. If you’re based in the UK, you’ll never be too far away from your local Go Ape park, as they have 35 individual locations across Scotland, England, and Wales

And don’t worry if you’re based further afield; these attractions are popular all around the globe and you’ll likely have a handful in your own country as well. 

lseg banner go ape
Go Ape via London Stock Exchange Group

In terms of the ideal outfit for this kind of date, look no further than our trusty softshell. With its slim, short fit, it is very easy to wear under a harness while remaining suitable for the outdoors. What’s more: the water and wind-resistant bonded micro-fleecing fabric will keep you warm and dry above the trees. 

Picnic at the Pictures

Yes. I’m suggesting an outdoor cinema. In winter. Call me crazy all you want, but they exist — so someone must be going. 

If you’re feeling up to it, read more on the Backyard Cinema’s Winter Night Garden page. The experience involves exploration of an enchanted forest, rediscovering your favourite films, and more!

The setting looks straight out of a fairytale.

Backyard Cinema Wandsworth 1 1
Backyard Cinema Wandsworth via The Resident

Fair’s Fair

Though they might be more common in the summertime, fun fairs are a classic, timeless date option. The rides and games give you something to talk about, meanwhile winter-time queues will likely be shorter than those in the warmer seasons.

I don’t really need to explain why fun fairs are so fun (I mean it’s even in the name) or romantic for that matter (I think Love Simon does it best). But I do want to share why I think the Russell softshell is, once again, such a good choice of outwear for this kind of date.

In one word: pockets!

In both the male and female iterations, this jacket has two zipped side pockets and a chest pocket (also zippable) with inner lining. That means you can turn up to this date with your money, phone, and other bits already stored away. No need to worry about things falling out on rides or leaving your bag somewhere it can be swiped from.

Your only job is to focus on the flirting.

Test Your Balance

Assuming your Valentine’s Day lasts a day rather than a week, ice-skating is the most obvious winter sport for the job. 

Live your life like a rom-com and twirl away for a couple of hours. Bonus points if one of you almost falls and the other one catches them.

The best bit? You can stay cosy on the ice without compromising on style. With its flattering fit and adjustable hem, the Russell Softshell will keep you looking comfy yet fashionable while you gracefully glide and spin into your lover’s arms (or not).

Surf and Stroll

We’ve all been there. Money’s a little tight, but you still want to do something special as a couple, so you Google a phrase like “cheap date ideas” and hope for inspiration. That’s all fine and dandy, but I’ll do you one better. This idea is completely free. 

Just walk. Anywhere. If you can, do it along the seaside. If not, a park or forest will do just as well. 

And no, I don’t claim this is a particularly groundbreaking concept, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Going for a stroll, arm-in-arm, talking about life, is one of the most simple yet effective romantic activities for partners. It’s all about the two of you, no distractions or ice-breakers. Just two humans existing together. 

However you choose to spend the next twenty-four hours, just remember to stay warm, spread love, and have a happy Valentine’s Day, from all of us at Clothes2Order