Custom branded merchandise is a great opportunity to create a revenue stream for your event or festival. It provides your attendees with a great souvenir of the day. Also, it keeps you front of mind for when your next event rolls along.

Creating your own range of clothing merchandise is much easier than you think with the range of options and solutions available at Clothes2order.

Why Should Your Event Have Merch?

A key reason as to why your event should have merchandise is due to creating an additional revenue stream. It will give your event an opportunity to diversify its revenue reducing dependence on a single source such as ticket sales. This can also provide a buffer against fluctuations in attendance or other circumstances which might impact your events revenue.

Custom merchandise is a powerful marketing tool. Event merchandise acts as a walking advertisement for the event or festival. When attendees wear the merchandise, it helps to promote and create awareness for future editions. It serves as a constant reminder of the event and can attract new attendees. Additionally, people who wear your event merch become brand ambassadors, inadvertently promoting your event to a wider audience. This will give your event ongoing exposure.

Also event merchandise can be collaborative. This can be with the speakers, artists or vendors at the event. This can give exposure to both the event and the collaborators. This collaboration can also come through sponsorships. Selling event merchandise opens up sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors can have their logos or branding featured on the merchandise, providing awareness to the events attendees. This can also provide another source of revenue from sponsors.

On the Event Day

Selling merchandise on the day of the event is the ideal way to maximise its impact. Purchasing merchandise is an impulsive decision and it’s important that you have a well stocked merch offering. These items help to create memories of the event for your attendees and serve as a great souvenir. 

However, preparation prior to the event is key to ensure a successful range of merchandise on the day. Follow these three simple steps to prepare your range merchandise:

Step One – Decide on the products

Custom clothing makes great merchandise. Be sure to include staples such as t-shirts and hoodies in your product range. You can’t go wrong with these popular items which are incredibly versatile and long lasting. Be also sure to have a range of sizes in order to have an inclusive offering.

You should also consider accessories such as caps and tote bags. These provide great variety to your range, are practical and suitable for all.

Step Two – Create your design

Great design will make your events’ merchandise desirable. You can find our team’s recommendations on how to create eye-catching merchandise here.

Be sure that your design is versatile and avoids excessive complexity or clutter that might make it difficult to understand or reproduce on merchandise.  

Step Three – Decide of Stock levels

This step can often be tricky to gauge the amount of stock to hold as there is no definite answer. There are lots of variables including the number of tickets, nature of the event and demographics.

But at Clothes2order we can help no matter your events situation. We offer great bulk discounts on the base product for large order quantities. But also, if you have a surge on ticket sales and need to up your merch offering prior to the big day, we have no minimum order and fast delivery options.

Post Event Merchandise

A factor which you may want to consider is if your event is to sell merchandise post the event day. Perhaps you have multiple events or a consistent demand for merchandise. An on-demand clothing solution such as Fabryx by Clothes2order might be an option to consider.

Fabryx allows you to create your own online merch store. This can eliminate the hassle of traditionally selling merchandise and allows you to sell event merch all year round. A Fabryx stores means that you don’t have to order and store stock as customers order online and Fabryx ships directly to them.