Branding is important for a business and is a vital aspect of your marketing mix is your businesses branding. The importance of branding cannot be understated and can help your business to prosper this year.

There are many ways to improve your branding. For example, a quick win is to refresh your businesses uniform.

However, branding is simply more than just a logo or a catchy name. Its how your business is perceived by others. This can be controlled by how you communicate both visually and verbally.

With this in mind, there are numerous reasons as to why branding is important:

Creates Loyal Customers

Having customers who will come back time and time again is crucial for any business. Effective branding encourages repeat custom. If your branding is consistent and instantly recognisable, this can create familiarity for a customer and put them at ease. Generally, people feel reassured by businesses who they are familiar with. Additionally, branding which shows a more human side can be more endearing to a customer. This can help to create a more personalised relationship with your audience.


A key benefit of having a strong brand is the increased likelihood of customers referrals. For example, customers are exposed to new brands everyday especially on social media.

What is different about your branding which is going to make your business stand out against the crowd? Word of mouth will not be able to be spread and branding that people cannot remember. People constantly share with others about brands they like and brands which they don’t. Therefore, it is important that branding is consistent and memorable in order to capture the attention of others.

A great place to start is by collecting customer reviews on Trustpilot.

Building Trust

Being consistent with your branding is one of the most important considerations. This is because if there are elements missing from branding or the branding is giving mixed messages, customers will having a hard time in trusting your business. Due to customers having a great number of options they are more likely to choose a business with consistent, professional branding as opposed to a business with conflicting branding.

Branding is one of the first things that a new customer will encounter with a business. Therefore, its incredibly important to have consistent branding to show customers that you are a reputable and credible business. If this is not the case then the element of trust cannot be created for customers.

Creating Clarity

A clear branding strategy allows your business to stay focused. Rather than jumping from idea to idea, a branding strategy will give consistency and will therefore allow you to create brand based decisions within your business activity. Having a clear brand strategy will be beneficial as your customers will have a greater understanding for who you are as a business.

Promise to the Customer

Branding encompasses many aspects both verbal and visual. Branding is not just one element as you, your staff and the way your business communicates are all elements of your brand.

An understanding of how customers perceive your branding can be a great way to keep your business honest. This way your branding will be able to adapt to your customers needs. This can help to direct the core focus and proposition to your customers.

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