Selecting the appropriate workwear is a vital step when starting any business. But to confidently make this decision, you have to understand the possibilities that are out there. So, what is workwear? And which kind would be right for you?

Workwear, in the most general sense, is heavy-duty clothing designed for physical or manual labour. It encompasses everything from PPE to polo shirts.

While the practicality of its durability is key, such clothing also provides the added benefit of elevating your brand’s image. The team that wears the same clothes not only looks the part, but exudes a sense of unity as well. Without words, custom workwear tells a story of professionalism and oneness.

But that’s true of any uniform, so let’s get into the specifics…

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment includes clothing and other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer from physical, electrical, heat, chemical, biological, and airborne hazards.

Head Protection

Protective headwear is crucial in roles where there is a risk of falling objects or collision, as it absorbs some of the energy produced by impact. The three main types of head protection are: bump caps, hard hats, and helmets.

Bump caps are a lightweight and comfortable option, providing moderate protection. Hard hats, meanwhile, are able to provide greater shock absorption due to their solid shell. Helmets are similar to hard hats, with the added benefit of a chin strap for maximum security during physical activity.

At Clothes2order, we have each type of headwear available in order to best suit your needs; be sure to check the product description for each item’s safety standards.

Portwest Endurance Plus Helmet

Eye Protection

Wearing eye protection is another crucial way to minimise hazards at work. The risk of dangerous objects or chemicals reaching an individual’s eyes is eliminated by goggles or safety glasses.

We stock eyewear that has been designed with the comfort of its wearer in mind, featuring anti-fog coatings and UV protection.

Portwest Wrap Around Plus Spectacle

Hearing Protection

Sites where heavy manual labour occurs are often noisy, but prolonged exposure to loud environments can cause lasting hearing damage if not addressed.

Combining ear plugs with ear defenders is the most effective way to protect your ears while at work. Fortunately, we sell both forms of hearing protection on our online store.

Portwest Classic Plus Ear Defenders

Respiratory Protection

It may also be vital to wear respiratory protection in environments with floating particles.

Again, the specific requirements can vary, so sure to check the product descriptions of our range to ensure you make the right selection.

Portwest Silicone Half Mask

Hand Protection

A wide variety of sectors and industries require hand protection, whether it’s needed for heat, rough materials, or hygiene purposes.

Our gloves pair perfectly with a range of custom branded workwear.

Portwest Fortis Classic Polka Dot Glove


In contexts with a risk of falling objects or rough terrain, workers should also remember to put on protective footwear.

We sell a selection of work boots and shoes, tailored to all needs from construction to care.

Scruffs Ridge Safety Boots


Equally important for safety, high-visibility clothing warrants a category of its own. This form of apparel is most frequently worn to alert drivers and equipment operators of where workers are located.

Trousers, jackets, helmets, and plenty more items can be designed with maximum visibility in mind, featuring bright, neon colours and reflective strips.

If your workplace could benefit from such a uniform style, consider ordering a selection of personalised hi-vis items on top of your standard workwear.

Yoko Hi Vis Waistcoat Colours

Durable Workwear

Not all working environments require the same degree of protection, though. And that’s where the following practical garment types come in…

Work Trousers

When it comes to trousers, those designed for physical labour are not only tougher, but usually feature many more storage options (additional pockets, loops, etc.). They’re made to last, while supporting you in your role.

Our range of hardwearing trousers are perfect for anyone in manufacturing, warehousing, or construction, and we also supply a selection of smarter trousers and personalised chinos (popular for events and hospitality).

Regatta/Tactical Threads Incursion Holster Trouser

T-Shirts & Polo Shirts

One of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to represent your team is by wearing matching t-shirts and polo shirts. These can come in an array of fabrics and cuts dependent on intended use.

At Clothes2Order, we pride ourselves on producing quality custom shirts for a range of budgets and uses, from our organic cotton tops to custom performance tees.

AWDis Contrast Just Cool Polo Shirt

Jackets & Fleeces

In a similar vein, you ideally want to be able to represent your brand whatever the weather. That’s where outerwear comes in.

Embroidered jackets or fleeces are a great way to help promote your business, and we have over 150 styles to choose from!

Portwest DX4 Hybrid Baffle Jacket

At Clothes2order, we stock a massive range of garments by multiple leading workwear brands, so you can dress your team from head to toe in durable, comfortable, and stylish personalised work clothing.

From casual workwear like hoodies and tees, to specialist industrial clothing, we’ve got you and your team covered. So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us help you add your logo today!