Choosing the right workwear is essential for any business. By investing in quality branded workwear, it can transform a business. It can both increase the awareness of your brand and enhance staff spirit.

For over 25 years we have been making it simple for businesses to look and feel brilliant through branded workwear. So, we will give you the rundown of the most important factors to consider when choosing workwear, so you can make the right call for you and your team.

What are your business requirements?

A key consideration which needs to be taken before ordering workwear for your staff is to define what your business needs. It’s important to fully grasp this, so you can be confident in your requirements. Here are some of the questions which can help define what you need:

Check List:

  • How many different roles are there within your business?
    • Will each role be needing a different workwear?
    • Indoor based staff will have different workwear needs to outdoor based staff
  • How many members of staff are there?
  • What product categories are needed?
    • Is the new workwear needed head to toe including items such as caps and trousers or are items such as hoodies and jackets required?
  • Does your workwear need to conform to certain safety standards?
    • Many high visibility items of clothing conform to different standards so it its important to outline which safety standards are applicable to your industry
  • Do you need to buy in bulk?
    • The more you purchase at once the more you will save in the long run
    • We have no minimum order quantity
  • Where will your workwear be stored?
    • Does your business need an on-demand solution or is there appropriate storage for bulk workwear available?
  • Is your business logo up to date?
    • If there is a planned rebrand for your business ensure this is considered before purchasing new workwear
  • Refresh or brand new?
    • Does the workwear need to replace like for like or do new items or brands need to be considered?
  • Which elements of the workwear need to be personalised?
    • Is this just an outer layer of workwear such as a softshell jacket or does each item need personalising with your logo?

Seasonal workwear

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be in the UK all year round. This is why it’s important to have workwear in your locker which can change as frequently as the seasons do. Having a variety of product categories in your workwear collection will ensure your staff have the right workwear year-round.

For warmer temperatures we would recommend a t-shirt with added breathability. This will keep your staff cool and comfortable. We know how unconformable it can be working in the heat without the right precautions. So, a t-shirt manufactured with moisture-wicking fabric is a great shout to keep cool.

For those colder winter days your best bet would be layer your workwear. Fleeces are a great companion to heavy duty outwear. Our jacket guide can help to distinguish the key features between each type of jacket.


Colour is intrinsically linked to a business’s branding. Workwear is a great medium to display branding. Therefore, it is important to choose your workwear items in colours which are complementary or consistent with the colours of your businesses brand. This can be the colours used in your logo or other visual assets.

A great way to colour consistency to order exclusively from one brand. This is because a brands range will include the exact same colour tones in order to complement each other. Brands such as Pro RTX, Leo Workwear and Premier offer great ranges which can achieve colour consistency within your workwear.


Prior to placing an order, sizes and quantities need to be collected, in order to achieve bulk discounts. This also helps to limit any confusion when distributing the workwear to staff.

How to find the right sizing is simple and can be explained by our handy video below. Also, on the product page of an item all sizing measures are clear displayed under the ‘sizing’ tab. Our size guide also shows accurate sizing for all products which we stock.

A key sizing point to consider is if the prospective workwear clothing is offered in a wide range of sizes and not just in a small number of sizes such as S to XL. Does the workwear allow sizes which are inclusive for all members of staff, as you do not want any staff member unable to be accommodated in you chosen workwear.


Make your businesses workwear unique with vibrant print or high-quality embroidery applications. Adding a logo is key way to ensure uniformity across all members of staff. We would recommend an embroidery application for hardwearing items such as polo shirts or jackets. Print allows for the intricacies and colours of a design to shine. A printed t-shirt never fails to impress.

You can further personalise your workwear by adding text. This can be done via our in-built text tool within our easy-to-use customisation tool or with your own text saved as an image file. This is ideal to add company phone numbers or even names to workwear. Embroidering staff names onto workwear really adds that personal touch. It is great for customer facing staff or for individuals within a large organisation. This can help to build relationships with customers and can make the onboarding process a little easier for new members of staff.

Check In with Your Staff

The best way to ensure successful workwear for your staff is by consulting with them for their preferences. This can help to get feel for if your ideas align. For example, staff will know how many of each garment they will need. Staff will also have a better perception on the weight of a garment they need as there could be a preference for light-wieght over heavyweight garments. Plus, they can feel valued in the decision-making process as it is an exciting time getting new workwear!  

If your business needs a workwear refresh, please get in touch with a friendly member of our team on 0800 012 2602 or browse our full workwear range.