There is no doubt that band t-shirts are a wardrobe staple for many of us. What could be better than proudly displaying your favourite band for all to see? 

With so many iconic band t-shirt designs, it’s not surprising that many of these designs have transcended their fan bases into the mainstream. As many designs look great in their own right.

With the vast amount of iconic band t-shirt designs over the years this got us thinking. What actually is the UK’s favourite band t-shirt? 

So, we have crunched the numbers and the results are in….. 

It’s official, Nirvana are top of our chart and have the title of the UK’s favourite band t-shirt. It’s a landslide victory for Nirvana. Nirvana has over two times the number of average monthly searches for their t-shirts than second place. The iconic yellow distorted Nirvana smiley t-shirt is still as popular as ever with the UK’s public. With its initial release in 1993, it is believed to have been designed by the late Kurt Cobain. You would be hard pressed to not find someone who has seen this t-shirt worn since its release.

There is a strong nostalgic feeling within the top 15 most searched for band t-shirts. Proving the demand for timeless designs from long time established musicians. Rock seems to be the standout genre in the top 15. With particular favourites in the UK include; ‘Lips’ logo design of the Rolling Stones, the Metallica logo and the Oasis box logo. All have endured the test of time and are still incredibly popular. No matter if it’s a memorable logo or an iconic typeface, all t-shirts in the top 15 have aged well.

Our research has been inspired by a similar study which was based on an American audience. It is interesting to note the difference in opinion from the UK to the USA regarding band t-shirts. Coming in first place for the USA was AC/DC followed by Aerosmith and Queen in second and third place respectively. From UK persuasion, AC/DC had been the eighth most popular, Aerosmith did not make the top 15 and Queen had the fourteenth most popular band t-shirt. Nirvana placed twelfth in the USA, despite being the majority favourite of the UK.

Do you agree with the British public? What is your favourite band t-shirt and is it in our list or perhaps is it something different? Let us know!