Sustainability is at the core of everything which we do at Clothes2order. We are proud of our sustainable practices which include implementing green printing methods and using sustainable sugarcane in our packaging.

To reflect this, we recently put out a series of stories on our Instagram account to get our followers opinions on the topic of sustainability and see how a businesses can improve sustainability.

Some key highlights of our findings include:

We were pleased to see the overwhelmingly positive response from our followers in terms of the importance of sustainability and choosing to purchase from a sustainably minded business.

However, 2 in 3 who responded do not view their business sustainable. In light of this, we thought we’d share some simple and effective ways on how to make your business sustainable based on our experience.

How to Improve Business Sustainability


A further consideration is to review the packaging which is used within your business. For businesses where selling and shipping products is a key part of their operations this is an especially important consideration. A sustainable option here would be using recycled paper and cardboard. Additionally, further options would include using biodegradable packaging. 

For example, our packaging is made from sugar cane which is carbon negative and fully recyclable. We made the change to sugar cane to avoid a dependency on using plastics in our packaging. 

Make Charitable Donations 

A great way to actively support the environment is by making charitable donations. This can either be by starting your own initiative to raise money for a good cause or could be donating a percentage of your proceeds to an environmental charity.

Alternatively, you can choose to partner or use other businesses which actively carry out eco-friendly initiatives. This way your business can support environmental charities thorough your business partners.

Knowing Your Source Materials

A key piece of information that a business should know regarding sustainability is how and where your materials are sourced. Knowing this information is a key step in becoming a sustainably focused business. For example, do you know how your suppliers act ethically and environmentally in terms of the production of the materials? Are their production methods causing excessive pollution and are there people being exploited in the process? Does the supplier adhere to any certifications? These are all questions to consider when choosing suppliers. If these questions cannot be answered, it is time to find a new supplier.

For example, alternative sustainable suppliers might be on your doorstep. Choosing local suppliers will support your local economy and also cut down on transportation costs which in turn can reduce your carbon footprint.

Change To An Eco-friendly Uniform

When your business needs a new uniform why not consider changing to a sustainability produced garment. We have an entire collection dedicated to sustainable clothing, so it couldn’t be easier to make a sustainable choice for your uniforms.  

For example, Stanley/Stella are a sustainable brand within this collection. Stanley/Stella only uses organic cotton in their garment production. The cotton used comes from non-genetically modified seeds which are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers. 

Employee Incentives

Sustainability will only be improved if there is an effort and buy-in from your members of staff. There are numerous incentives which can encourage 

Which include:

  • Home working opportunities
  • Bike to work scheme
  • Recycling stations
  • Zero-waste days

Shout About What Makes You Great

Your business may be acting in a sustainable manner with green initiatives but make sure your customers are aware of your environmental efforts. 

Ensure information on your initiatives is in on your website and social media. shout loud and proud about your eco-friendly approaches in your marketing efforts. Make your customers aware as it’s a key part of their purchasing decision.

Looking to add a sustainable product offering to your current workwear, then get in touch with the team start your action.