We are extremely encouraged to see more and more of our customers choosing clothing from our organic and sustainable ranges. Within the past two years, we have seen a near 300% increase in the number of sustainable items sold. 

This increase makes us incredibly optimistic and we cannot wait to see more of our customers following suit.

We want to inspire others to follow in the footsteps of businesses such as Boutique Kaotique. 

Boutique Kaotique offer organic & unisex clothing which is designed by emerging artists. Proceeds are shared with artists and £15 directly goes towards supporting a special cause.

We caught up with the guys over at Boutique Kaotique to find out more about how sustainability has shaped their business. 

Tell us a bit about what you do!  

The BoKa mission is to be a lot more than just a fashion pioneer. By bringing artists and non-profit organisations together through collaboration, Boutique Kaotique’s promise is to give back and help global emergencies one purchase at a time.

Why is being sustainable important to you?

BoKa’s commitment to using an ethical approach to its supply chain has been a key factor in the way we run our business from day one. We didn’t want to be another brand on the market to just create more “stuff”, we wanted to create a product with a story and purpose.

We also needed our manufacturer to provide us with organic cotton options as well as offer a print on demand service …. Clothes2Order ticked all the boxes for us

Why do you choose sustainable clothing ?  

Being sustainable and running Boutique Kaotique in the most sustainable fashion has been our core value from day one. Our ethical approach to our supply chain extends towards the manufacturers it chooses to work with, the organic textiles our designs are printed on, and our eco-friendly packaging.

What was your process for finding the right product? 

By breaking away from fast fashion and mass-production we needed to find a manufacturer who could print on demand for us, and use organic cotton materials. BoKa’s made-to-order model ensures that a Tee is only produced once it has been purchased online. This ensures that no waste is produced and that each Tee is exclusively made for a customer. 

What sustainable measures are taken in the products and packaging?

100% of our packaging is sustainable. Made from corn based resin; it is composable by leaving no toxicity in the soil, and it is bio-degradable when exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes. The organic cotton*, eco-friendly colouring, and the embroidery work on our Tee’s are not only environmentally friendly and built to last, but also crafted in ideal working conditions.  *All Tee’s are made from premium 180gsm 100% organic ringspun combed cotton.

Why did you choose Clothes2order?

As a sustainable fashion brand it was important for us to find a UK based manufacturer in order to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. We also needed our manufacturer to provide us with organic cotton options as well as offer a print on demand service to go alongside with our made-to-order model , instead of requiring us to buy large stock quantities upfront. Clothes2Order ticked all the boxes for us 🙂