We take great pride in being the UK’s favourite custom branded clothing company and there is no better time to celebrate this than on Made in UK Day.

What is Made in UK day?

Made in UK Day is dedicated to celebrating and championing UK made products and UK manufacturing. Celebrated on the 9th of March, Made in UK Day has been created to celebrate 10 years since the start of the Make it British blog. The Make it British site has been visited by more than 6.5 million people looking to buy UK-made products and search for UK manufacturers.

Kate Hills, the founder of Make it British, commented “It has never been more important to buy products that are made in the UK and support local manufacturing. By pledging to buy products that are made in the UK you are lowering your carbon footprint, saving essential skills, helping local economies and creating job opportunities.”

We want everyone to get behind Made in UK Day to celebrate the wonderful makers that we have in the UK.

Kate Hills, the founder of Make it British

You can get involved by pledging to buy something that is made in the UK on 9 March. Make it British calculated that if everyone in the UK purchased just one item made in the UK worth £20 on Made in UK Day it would be worth £1.3billion.

Why are we supporting Made in UK Day?

At Clothes2order we bring brands to life by creating customised clothing with our entire production and business departments being bases in the UK.

As a business, we have over 20 years of experience in the UK textile industry. Textiles is a great traditional British industry and we aim to play our part and help to preserve this fantastic industry for many years to come.

We take a great pride in our UK roots and are privileged to support the local community through charity and creating job opportunities. We have been able to raise over £100,000 for NHS charities during the pandemic through various recent initiatives. We have been honoured to reach such a significant fundraising milestone.

By supporting Clothes2order on Made in UK Day you will directly contribute to the UK textile industry and help to promote UK craftsmanship.

Why should you support Clothes2order on Made in UK Day?

Preserve the Future of UK Manufacturing

Throughout our business journey we have constantly innovated within our manufacturing process. This has led to major improvements in both our print and embroidery processes. We have invested over £1M in eco-friendly printing technology. The main environmental issue in our textile printing industry is water pollution. However, our process uses 95% less water than traditional methods and uses non-toxic inks. Implementing a sustainable production mindset is essential in preserving the industry going forward.

Additionally, within our embroidery process we use cutting-edge in-house technology which is combined with skilled operators who take pride in the items they produce. Both production and process allows us to turn around orders in the same day, which provides unrivalled speed.

Saves Skills

We are proud to have a team of highly skilled individuals. From IT development to artwork, all of our departments work collaboratively to ensure that there are processes which allow each order to be produced to the highest quality.

For example, our artwork team ensure each logo or design we receive is optimised for production. A process called digitisation allows our production machines to read and apply each unique customisation.

Manufacturing requires great skill and by choosing an item that is made in the UK you are helping to save skills that could otherwise be lost.

Lower your carbon footprint

Everything that we produce is manufactured within the UK, with our production facility being based in Manchester. Choosing products produced in the UK means you can significantly reduce the number of miles a product has travelled. In turn, this reduces its carbon footprint.

All of our custom branded clothing is bespoke and made to order. This, therefore, discourages waste as all of our pieces are unique and specific to each order we receive.

Shop with your favourite custom branded workwear supplier this year, on Made in UK Day.