We are incredibly proud to announce that we have raised over £100K for NHS charities since the start of pandemic. We are thrilled to have reached this significant fundraising milestone and to be able to support the incredible work which these charities do on a daily basis.

Our brand, Brilliant Masks has been a great contributor to our fundraising efforts. For each Brilliant Mask sold, a contribution is donated to an NHS charity. These include Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester Foundation Trust Charity and Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. These contributions have amassed £90,000 of our fundraising total. 

The Brilliant Mask is a face covering which was launched in collaboration with NHS Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and English Fine Cottons. The face covering was designed in line with the highest industry infection control standards by the innovation department at NHS Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. We strongly believe that the Brilliant Mask are the highest-quality non-clinical grade face coverings available in the UK.

In addition, Brilliant Masks are sustainably manufactured entirely within the UK. The Brilliant Mask is made from Supima cotton which will biodegrade and there is no plastic used in the face covering. The face coverings are also reusable, lasting for a minimum of 30 washes, which helps to prevent the pollution caused by single use face masks. We are proud to be able to have a transparent and traceable supply chain all within the UK. 

Further funds had been raised at the start of the pandemic when we launched a range of positive message t-shirts celebrating our health services. This raised £10,000 for NHS Charities Together. These efforts combined with Brilliant Masks allowed us to reach our fundraising milestone.

Our Marketing Director, Simon Turner, summarised the impact of our fundraising:

“We are beyond excited to have reached this landmark milestone of raising £100,000 for NHS and Hospital charities. This money will greatly aid the incredible work that these charities do and is already making a difference. We are so grateful to our health service and all it has done for us, particularly in recent times and are delighted to be able to give something back.”