Many of you may be familiar with our range of Stanley/Stella Iconic products at Clothes2order. These products are a collection of soft, fashionable and ethical garments that have proven popular for teamwear, events, uniform and merchandise.

Stanley/Stella have now launched an exciting upgrade on these products! This is where Iconics: 2.0 comes in. Each original product in the Iconic range has been upgraded to a modernised, reinvented and game changing new classic!

As pioneers in the industry, Stanley/Stella continuously strive to revolutionise fashion with a focus on a better world. This collection marks a significant milestone in their journey, representing the culmination of two years of intensive research and development. Through countless tests, extensive customer feedback, and a keen awareness of global retail trends and innovations in apparel decoration, they have crafted uplifted products that exceed expectations.

It shows no concession on quality – the consequence of Stanley/Stella’s dedication and hard work – pouring in their heart and soul.

Stanley/Stella’s Iconics 2.0 range represents an elevated evolution of their original Iconics collection, featuring contemporary fits, enhanced fabrics, and richer colour palettes.

Below, we’ve put together a table of changes, so you can see how the original products have been uplifted as part of the 2.0 range, with the key benefits of each change.

Plus, introducing the Mini 2.0 Iconic range!

New for this season, Stanley/Stella have introduced a range of children’s garments including a sweatshirt, hoodie and joggers. Perfect for teamwear, school, trips and more.

Stanley/Stella Kids Mini Changer 2.0 Iconic Crew Neck Sweatshirt (STSK181)

Stanley/Stella Kids Mini Cultivator 2.0 Iconic Zip-Thru Hoodie Sweatshirt (STSK182)

Stanley/Stella Kids Mini Mover 2.0 Iconic Jogger Pants (STSK183)

Visit the full range of Iconics 2.0 at Clothes2order here.

If you have any questions about the Stanley/Stella range changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our team on or call us on 0800 012 2602.