We are proud to announce that we have joined Ecologi!

Each month we will be contributing towards climate solutions such as carbon reduction projects and reforestation initiatives. This will allow us to offset the carbon footprint of our entire team.

What is Ecologi?

Ecologi is a social enterprise which provides an impactful way to contribute to tackling the climate crisis. Ecologi allows both businesses and individuals to compensate for their carbon footprints. This is by providing funding for the world’s best climate crisis solutions. 

The climate solutions which Ecologi fund focus upon carbon reduction and tree planting. Ecologi supports a broad range of carbon reduction projects which are certificated from independent bodies including the Gold Standard and the Verified Carbon Standard. These supported carbon reduction projects are able to evidence the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions which they provide. Furthermore, all trees planted on the Ecologi communities behalf are planted in a responsible manner in carefully monitored projects. 

Ecologi also promotes collective action towards the climate crisis and each new business, like ourselves, which joins can help to impact change. We are happy to share in this commitment taken by 15,000 other UK businesses.

Why have we partnered with Ecologi?

Ecologi will allow us to make the transition into becoming a climate positive workforce. This means that every member of our team will become climate positive and their entire carbon footprint will be offset. So even, emissions from their home, personal travel and food, will be offset. So it is not just emissions from the workplace. This is great news for our team members as everyone will have a positive impact in terms of carbon reductions. 

Furthermore, Ecologi allows us to see our climate impact. This highlights positive contributions which we have made and how this has grown month on month.

Additionally, our commitment to partnering with Ecologi is inline with our strong sustainability stance and adds to our ever growing commitment in implementing sustainable initiatives.  For example, our production facility based in Manchester, is powered by energy from renewable sources. A big concern with our industry is water usage. However, we use Greenprinted technology which uses 95% less water than traditional methods. Within our first full year of implementing this technology, we saved 1.4 million litres of water.

What is our impact?

We are extremely encouraged to see the impact we have made in partnership with Ecologi in such a short amount of time. So far we have offset 116.26 tonnes of Carbon. This is the equivalent of :

✈️ 89 long haul flights

🧊 349 metres squared of sea ice saved

🚗 288,441 miles driven in a car

This carbon offset has been due to funding two carbon reduction projects. The first is a wind power project in South Africa consisting of 96 wind turbines. This limits the need to develop more fossil fuel power plants in the areas. Additionally, this project reduces the demand for energy from existing fossil fuel power plants, this will lead to CO2 emissions being avoided.

The second project is a solar power project in Vietnam. This project  transforms sunlight into electricity which will replace energy in the grid which would otherwise have been generated from fossil fuels. These projects are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Also we have planted 1,507 trees! This is quite remarkable in the short amount of time we have partnered with Ecologi. These trees have been planted in Kenya, Mozambique and Madagascar. With the species planted including the Ficus sur and the Strychnos spinosa. These restoration projects are coordinated and implemented by Eden.

We cannot wait to see the impact we will have throughout our partnership with Ecologi and all of our impact is documented within our profile.