Branded corporate gifts are the is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation to your customers. But, it can often be confusing as what to actually gift your customers and what they will truly love.

Client gift ideas can range from personalised accessories to experience days.

With that in mind, here are our ideas to help you choose corporate gifts that will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Corporate Gift?

A key component of selecting the right corporate gift is an understanding of the customer so that the gifts can be tailored to suit their tastes. Interests, demographics and preferences are great considerations here.

Personalisation is a great touch to add, as branded corporate gifts can appeal to everybody and it shows that you care about the customer and have gone that extra mile. This can be adding a handwritten note within the gift or to add their company logo to truly make the gift uniquely their own.

An image of a female holding 5 brown gift bags.

Other considerations include the quality and practicality of the gift. It is important to think whether the gift is the lasting impression that you would like to make to you customer. Investing in both quality and practical gifts are a great way to achieve this and impress your customer.

Additionally, gifts that are eco-conscious make a strong impression especially in a time of the year where waste is a great concern. This can be through opting for sustainable packaging or choosing a gift from a business with a dedication to sustainability. 

Examples of Corporate Christmas Gifts to Wow Your Customers


Gifting subscriptions can really add value to your customers’ employees in both their personal and professional life. For example, this can be a subscription to a wellbeing app such as Calm or credits to audio service such as Audible

Each time they use this they will be subconsciously thinking about your generosity and is a great way to reduce packing and associated waste due to these being digital services.

Premium Branded Clothing 

Personalised clothing is a great way to unite and give a clear sense of identity to a business. Creating personalised items of clothing on behalf of your customers is an ideal way to create bespoke gifts that can be used time after time. This can also really show great thought and effort.

Our recommendation would be to create a personalised clothing that people would really want to wear and to partner your customers logo with the best. A great way to do this is by selecting a premium brand such as The North Face, Berghaus and Rab. These premium branded products combine quality, luxury and professionalism. Choosing these items as a personalised gift will really add value to your customer and is sure to be a gift that they will love. 

A trio of premium branded outerwear products

Charitable Donations

In the spirit of giving, charitable donations are a great gesture of goodwill which add depth to your corporate gifting. This can be to charity that your customer is a support or partner of or could be to their own trust depending on the customer.

Additionally, a donation could be made to a member of staff who is doing a fundraising challenge or event. A donation of this nature can often mean more to people than something that is tangible.

Experience Days

Providing corporate hospitality at a sporting or music event can be a great gift to customers which can help to strengthen relationships. This provides a space to get to know your customers in a relaxed environment away from the workplace.

Additionally, this can be used to celebrate the success of specific milestones or achievements throughout your relationship with the customer.

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