Below are a list of questions and answers regarding our API which aren’t covered in other areas of the documentation.

How is pricing set for products and applications?

For API pricing we offer a single price per each SKU based on standard Clothes2order pricing. To view more information about Clothes2order pricing in general, please click here.?We offer custom pricing to API users depending on your sales volume. Please click here to view more about custom pricing.

How are delivery charges calculated?

Delivery charges are based on our standard delivery pricing. You can also select express dispatch through the API; charges for this are based on our standard express pricing.

What countries can I send orders to?

A full list of countries we ship to is shown on our delivery information page. Please note all orders are charged in GBP regardless of where they are shipped. Express delivery options are only available to UK destinations.

What customisation types can I order through the API?

We only accept images through the API; i.e. printed logos or embroidered logos as we classify them on the main Clothes2order site. You can still order just text, but you’ll need to create an image file of your text rather than just passing individual lines of text as we can on the Clothes2order front end site. The reason for this is that to pass individual text lines, fonts, colours etc would hugely complicate the API so to keep it simple we just ask for a single image file per design. We do not support individual names and numbers in the same way as on the Clothes2order front end site, however you can still pass a different image customisation containing a name and/or number as a standard design to achieve the same effect if you wish.

Do you send customisation proofs?

No, we do not send proofs for API orders as standard. The reason for this is that we don’t communicate with your end customer so we take this process out of the order. Our expert team will create the artwork as you have specified when the order is created.

What support is available for the API?

The API documentation provided here is very comprehensive and should cover any questions you might have. To use our API you will need some technical knowledge, or access to someone who does. Although we can’t do the integration for you, our API team is on hand to offer support via our dedicated API contact form. Please note we’re unable to offer phone support to API users.

Do you process returns on behalf of API users?

No. You define your own returns policy and handle that as you wish via your own site. If you wish to accept customer returns, the item is then yours to do with as you please (resell for example). As such, we require a contact address from all API users which will be printed on your packing slip.

Can the API be used to order blank items?

Yes! Simply add items without customisation to your API order and make sure you set the is_blank flag when placing your order.