The slogan t-shirt remains one of the most popular ways to express personal, social or political statements. Below we’ve rounded up the most talked about slogan t-shirts of 2015 so far…



The hashtag #Meninist has become extremely popular in recent weeks – despite existing as a profile on Twitter since 2013, according to the BBC. Seeking to represent “the difficulties of being a man in the 21st Century”, we’re thinking it may have been inspired by the below campaign…

This is what a feminist looks like


The latest slogan shirt trend among celebrities and politicians was the above “This is what a feminist looks like t-shirt”, worn by those keen to stress their feminist credentials.  Unfortunately, the original t-shirt supplier in question was burdened by claims that it was manufactured in a sweat shop.

Kim Sears’ I Shih Tzu Not tee



This slogan tee worn by Andy Murray’s fiancee proved popular with fashion pundits from around the web.

Miley Cyrus’ I had nothing to wear so I put on this Moschino dress

miley cyrus


Teamed with a slogan bag bearing the popstar’s name, Miley Cyrus makes a bold fashion statement with this Moschino dress.

The Oscars are on their way…

Will there be another recording breaking selfie? What slogan could represent this year’s Oscars?



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