It goes without saying that a buisnesses logo is incredibly important. It might be the first thing a customer see’s could help create their first impression of your company. A logo has the power to make your business instantly  recognisable just by a simple design so it’s important to get it right! We’ve put together 5 top tips that we hope will help you when designing your brand new logo.

Define your brand personality first

Before you start thinking about what you want your logo to look like, think about your brand personality and how you want that to come across to customers that have never interacted with your brand before. You will need to think about what your brand stands for, what are it aims and what image do you want to create – this will help create a direction for what you want your logo to look like.

For example, when you look at Fairtrade’s logo, you might think global, inclusive and empowering which are core values of the brand.

Credit: Fairtrade Foundation

Do your research

One of the main aims of a logo is to create recognition so you can stand out from your competition therefore you definitely don’t want your logo to  be too similar to your competitors or anyone in your industry. Make sure you take a look at the competition, whether it be big or small, before creating your logo.

Credit: Pexels

Draw it out first

Don’t jump straight onto the computer to create your design, draw it out on paper first. This will be especially helpful if you’re outsourcing the design to a graphic designer so instead of describing what you want the logo to look like, you can give them a clear picture of what you want to ensure you’re both on the same page and avoid any miscommunication.

Credit: Pexels

Don’t be afraid of colour

There are many different ways your logo can stand out but colour is a great way to start. Colours can symbolise different meanings to different people. For example when people think of green, they often think eco friendly and the environment and when they think of orange,  they might think warmth so using colours that reflect your brands personality is important.

Credit: The Body Shop

Think about where your logo will be used

When designing your logo, always think about where your logo is going to be used. Will you be having it embroidered onto a work uniform? Will you be creating an app? Where do you want your logo to be seen? You need to make sure that it can work on both small and large scales and still stand out. You may need to create different variations of your logo so that it is suitable for multiple situations such as t-shirts, shop signs, billboards, social media icons and so on.

Our customers at google used a different variation of their usual logo for their promotional t-shirts