This summer is set to see some of the biggest festivals take place in the UK. Music festivals are continuously providing more and more opportunities for businesses to get their brand out there and provide a great chance for businesses to make connect with new customers.

Here are some tips on how to make your business stand out.

Brand Ambassadors

Last month, fashion brand Pretty Little Thing (PLT) had their own bus and VIP section at Manchester based festival Parklife.  PLT invited a number of influencers and celebrities all dressed head to toe in Pretty Little Thing clothing. As well as featuring snippets of the festival on their own personal social media accounts, the brand ambassadors also took over the PLT Instagram story for the entire weekend so that all 5.3 million Instagram followers could see what they got up to.

Credit: Instagram // @prettylittlething

Whilst not every business will have the means to hire an entire section of a festival and get well known celebs on board, each business with a social media account can shout about a festival on their channels. Why not show your followers what you’re up to at the festival and use the festival hashtag so that people attending can see what you’re up to? This will not only cater to your current audience but also get your brand out there to new audiences too.

Promotional Clothing

If you have staff working at the festival make sure they’re kitted out in some branded workwear such as t-shirts, aprons, caps and so on. This way customers will start to recognise your business and staff.

Make sure your promotional clothing is bright, bold and that your customisation is large enough to be seen. If you’re opting for a large customistion, we would recommend using print as it it better for large customisations- great for festivals and events!

Our customers ‘The Origional Flake N Bake’ use their uniform to show off their logo. [Product ID: PR150]


Festivals are a great way to interact with audiences that may have not met your brand before so use this opportunity to give samples and freebies so people can try your product. For example, if you are a catering company, why not provide mini testers of your product and then direct customers to your food stall to buy a full priced version.

Will your business be attending any festivals this summer and if so, what will you be doing to ensure you stand out? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @clothes2order.