So to compliment my shiny new coat I got last month, I ended up getting a new bag as well- and I could not be happier with it. I’ve used it every day since getting it, as I’ve traipsed up and down the country, to give it a proper road test and it has served me very well.

Because I’m on the move so much, I prefer a backpack as my work bag, I find that causes me less back trouble than a shoulder bag, given I have a tendency to over fill my bags, and carry pretty much everything but the kitchen sink in there.

The backpack I ordered was the BagBase Vintage Laptop Backpack, it is sturdy and a good size, while still being comfortable to carry and so far seems to cope well in British weather. 

The bag has a drawstring round the top, as well as a flap with two poppers to secure it on the front. This keeps things nice and secure, while still being easy enough to access when you need them.

My previous bag had far too many pockets, and just became the place I lost things. So far this has been much easier to use and actually find things in!  

There’s two front pockets on it, the smallest one is still big enough to fit a small collection  of pens, some change, headphones and your phone in, which is generally what ends up in mine. The second pocket is a little bigger, and seems to be where I currently keep my house keys, and my snacks for when I’m travelling. 

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Inside the main pocket of the bag there’s a separate section for keeping your laptop in, and then the larger section, which I seem to use as a dumping ground for a million post it notes, several bottles of drink I always seem to have on the go as I always forget to finish them, note books a book to read and makeup. 

I got my logo embroidered on the top of the flap, which looks very nice, and the bag generally looks pretty smart and professional. 

The bag has coped well on the days I also stuff as a change of clothes in there for when I’m away overnight, although the fact it has poppers on the front for the flap rather than actual buckles does mean you can’t fill it too full or it won’t do up! But then I’ve been told repeatedly that I really need to travel lighter, so maybe that isn’t a bad thing!

All in all I’m really pleased with the bag, and I’m very glad I decided to treat myself to one as It’s made a possessive difference to my travel habits.

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