With sustainability being at the core of many UK businesses, our organic and sustainable ranges are quickly becoming more popular than ever with our customers. Sales of sustainable clothing has tripled, yes tripled, over the past two years here at Clothes2order. We are incredibly proud of the number of businesses switching their uniforms to more sustainable clothing options.

Perky Blenders are an example of a business who have got on board and have chosen sustainable branded clothing as their uniforms. In particular products from the Stanley/Stella range.

Perky Blenders are specialty coffee roasters who have a strong and transparent stance on sustainability. Their coffee is available online, instore and as a part of a subscription. All of Perky Blenders coffee beans are sourced from trusted suppliers.

To find out more, we caught up with co-founder, Victoria Cozens, to ask their stance on sustainability and why they choose sustainable branded clothing.

Tell us a bit about what you do at Perky Blenders

I am Victoria and I am a co-founder here at Perky Blenders. My role is quite varied in the business, but I mainly work on marketing with our amazing team members Jake and Laura.

I used to work in IT for an international law firm before having a complete career change into coffee after having my two children.  I am married to Adam who I started Perky with 6 years ago. We now have 4 of our own shops and Roastery and head office in Leytonstone, London.

The Peaky Blinders series inspired the name, it was Adam’s favourite show at the time so we came up with the idea for a coffee business. It’s funny how sometimes people call us Peaky Blenders.

Why is being sustainable important to you? 

Sustainability is hugely important to us. It is something that right from the beginning has been at the forefront of our minds when growing Perky Blenders.

Firstly, the coffee we buy is fully traceable and we have established some wonderful relationships directly with coffee farms and importers. We purchase much higher than the standard fairtrade prices too. 

In our shops, we encourage our customers to bring their own coffee cups when visiting and we offer coffee by weight too, just bring your own container and we will refill it for you. 

We have people that come and collect the chaff to use it in their gardens. Also, we have a chef that collects it to make delicious chaff butter. 

We give and donate the jute bags to sewing groups and people who love to use them as a home décor. 

Our wholesale coffee is delivered by bike in reusable containers. This helps to minimise our carbon footprint across London and reduce the need for packaging.

How do you use your printed clothing from Clothes2order?

We used our printed clothing mainly for uniforms but we get asked a lot by customers if they can get a Perky T as well, so we will be launching new merchandise very soon.

We love working with C2O, the website is so simple to use and if you need some help everyone there is so helpful. Whenever we phone up or use the online chat the customer service is second to none.

Why do you choose products from the sustainable Stanley/Stella product range?

We love the Stanley/Stella range, their ethics and sustainability attracted us initially to look at their range, which is then backed up by superb quality and great styling.

What was your process for finding the right product? 

It can take quite a while to find what you are looking for when it comes to finding the right product for your business. We initially seek out the sustainable aspects of the product, take a look at samples and get feedback from colleagues before giving something new the seal of approval.

A big thank you to Perky Blenders, be sure to check out their online store or pop into one of their locations!