Today is the last in the series of blog posts about how to prepare your business for the busy Christmas period – and although I may be a little biased I really think it the most important thing to remember!

Stock up on warm, personalised work wear to ensure your staff are comfortable and promoting your corporate identity and professional image at all times.

Personalised work wear winter jacket

Personalised Jackets

It’s that time of year again. You’ve brought out your cardigans, extra thick socks and its growing ever harder to leave the snug comfort of your bed. Although it may not be Winter yet, its coming!

Companies often leave purchasing their staffs winter uniform until its too late. This causes many problems, often staff end up wearing their own winter attire, which in the best scenarios doesn’t match with other staff members and in the worst is a granddad style spotty jumper that bares no resemblance to those company colours you’ve worked hard getting everyone to recognise.

How will this affect you?

During this all important Christmas sales period, your staff may look unprofessional and you will lose the positive association clients usually have with your uniform because it is covered up by your staffs own jumpers and jackets. Naturally, you lose all the benefit from that hard earned brand image. Moreover, a scruffy out of place jacket will have a negative impact on the company’s image.

If you already have personalised work wear you will know how important it is to gave a professional looking uniform, for staff to look and feel their best, no matter what the weather is like
Begin planning now for your company’s winter uniform.

–        Discuss with staff what they will feel happy and comfortable wearing.

–        Assess the thickness of fabric and type of fabric against the conditions your staff will face over Christmas.

–         Consider providing staff with more than one option as far as their choice of warmer clothing as part of their uniform.

–          Even where your staff are inside you should think about Winter options. While a fleece may be unnecessary in an office environment, it still looks great to have your staff leave the premises with their outdoors jackets and coats. Remember that a lot of the exposure your staff have with potential clients is after hours and out of the office. As your staff leave for the day and go about their business they could be continuing to promote your company in their branded clothing.

And remember if you have already uploaded your logo onto our system after your normal uniform order, you won’t have to pay an origination charge to put it on your brand new fleeces and jackets.