With the Oscars only days away, everybody’s getting in the spirit of award season — and we’re no exception. 

But as the weather continues on its chilly trajectory, we’ve also been thinking about the best ways to layer up and fight this cold.

So, in the lead-up to a particularly wintry Academy Awards show, now’s the perfect time to recognise some of our current fan and factory favourites.

From sustainability to style, we’ve considered a range of categories and awarded one winner each, hoping to help you on your next custom clothing shop with us.

The winners have also been put into our Blockbuster Bundle Deals (including discounts which you should definitely take advantage of) and are as follows:

Our Star Products

Stanley/Stella Organic Unisex Creator Iconic Vegan T-ShirtStanley/Stella Organic Unisex Creator Iconic Vegan T-Shirt

The Stanley/Stella brand prides itself on the “quality, durability and comfort” of its products. They guarantee that “every STANLEY/STELLA product will last for a long time and is assembled and finished to perfection”. 

In addition to its fashionable design and high quality, this classic piece is made exclusively from organic cotton, meaning its production used far less water than standard cotton fabrics — and no pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

The cleaner production process and subsequent diminished environmental impact also make this t-shirt suitable for vegans. And on top of all that, it comes in 52 colours, giving you plenty of choice for your next customisation project.

Don’t be afraid to browse the rest of our vegan stock.

Gildan Men's Ring-Spun SoftStyle T-Shirt

Gildan Men’s Ring-Spun SoftStyle T-Shirt

With 347 five-star reviews and an average score of 4.7 on our Trustpilot, this t-shirt has easily become a fan favourite. But there’s no point in me telling you why; I’ll let the reviews on our Gildan Men’s Ring-Spun T-Shirt page do the talking.

“I have now had 4 variations of this product and have been extremely happy with the fabric quality and the print quality. I’ve now had [the grey] for almost 2 years – worn very regularly and washed extensively – still in great shape […]! Great, long lasting product – wouldn’t hesitate in recommending.” – Chris

“For me, there’s no t-shirt that’s more comfortable. I love them.” – Jack

“Really nice cotton Tee. Very soft and the print looks amazing on it. Sizing was really good as well and they don’t appear to have shrunk in the wash. Really pleased with them and will definitely order again.” – Lewis

AWDis Varsity Hoodie

AWDis Varsity Hoodie

I sat down with Steve Rich from our Sales team to discuss why this particular hoodie deserves the title of Team Player, and he had this to say:

“The thing about the varsity hoodie is it’s AWDis, so it’s a really good quality hoodie to begin with, but the main reason we love it is because it comes in so many different colour combinations. It basically means that it makes tailoring it to your brand very, very easy. […] We love it ’cause it’s branding.”

And with 49 unique colour combinations available, this hoodie “naturally lends itself to clubs and sports teams, because you can match the two colours of your corporate logos to the two colours that the hoodie comes in. The business is all about people coming together through a shared identity, and it’s probably the best product I can think of for that kind of thing”.

He also mentioned its tear-out label, which provides the given team with a greater sense of ownership over the garment as the manufacturer’s involvement is less apparent.

If this sound like what you’re looking for, you can create your own AWDis Varsity Hoodie here.

Nimbus Men's Williamsburg Fashionable Hooded Sweatshirt

Nimbus Men’s Williamsburg Fashionable Hooded Sweatshirt

Available in three classic, versatile shades (black, navy, and grey melange) this hoodie can either be dressed up or down, but the rugged drawstrings and leather detailing are sure to elevate the piece.

Here at Clothes2Order, all members of our Management team wear this hoodie, staying comfortable but classy on the job. But to find out more about the reasons behind this particular uniform choice, I spoke with our Finance Manager, Michelle Harris.

Michelle explained, “the hoodie […] feels like a more high-end product, because it’s got the leather on the zip and the leather badge as well as the white tassels. It’s also really soft and comfortable.”

And she’s not wrong!

See for yourself

Russell Men's HD Raglan Sweatshirt

Russell Men’s HD Raglan Sweatshirt

When it comes to style, you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality. This raglan sweatshirt manages to balance a chic, slim fit and comfortable lightweight fabric with durability, providing you with a contemporary look that lasts.

The French Terry fabric ensures the top is a moisture-wicking, smooth, and soft piece that can be worn any time of year. It also prevents pilling as the fabric is unbrushed.

And if, once again, you’d prefer more anonymity as to the source of the garment, it has an easily removable adhesive neck label.



Gildan SoftStyle Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Gildan SoftStyle Long Sleeve T-Shirt

One of the main compliments we receive from customers is on the quality of our direct-to-garment printing; the colour accuracy and wash-proof nature of the ink always impress.

While this is predominantly down to our production process and the care put in by our team, credit must also be given to garments we print on. 

This SoftStyle t-shirt, in both its long and short-sleeved fits, is made of 100% ringspun cotton (save for the Sport Grey colour and Heather patterns, which contain polyester). This matters because, simply put, the more cotton an item of clothing contains, the better it will hold our prints.

Hence, we can always count on this SoftStyle range to do the job well and make more of our customers happy. 

And with that, our awards show has come to a close.

If you’ve seen anything you like, don’t forget to browse these items now, while the bundle deal is still on.

Happy shopping!