We had the pleasure of speaking to @Zoe_On_The_Go a digital and agile specialist and industry leader in Government and Public Sector services. She recently ordered some bespoke items from us and we caught up with her to see what she thought.   

With my job I regularly travel across the country and around Europe to speak to teams, stakeholders, and clients, as well as speaking at industry conferences. Sometimes away from home for over a week at a time. Finding a smart jacket I can wear that suits both work and the changeable weather seemed like a good idea. I wanted to stand out from the crowd without detracting from what I was doing or saying.  

One of my big bugbears when commuting is the choice between wearing a coat over your jacket and getting wrinkled, or whether to just to wear a jacket and hope I don’t freeze or get rained on. Fashion jackets from high street stores are not a practical option for all situations, they generally come in super casual or super smart (and never with enough pockets). So I decided to look for a more business focused solution and a branded jacket. 

While I have never had a uniform as such, and depending on my activities on the day will depend on my work wear, switching between suits one day to jeans and T-shirts the other – I wanted a jacket that could cover all the bases.  After some research I settled on the Duxbury by Nimbus. It’s got plenty of pockets, including a well designed inner pocket for my phone with a space for my headphones to fit through, which is a real bonus for trying to take calls to clients in busy areas.  

The jacket is a great fit, it’s water resistant and wind resistant, so nice for keeping warm while waiting on platforms, while still remaining breathable and lightweight. It won’t crinkle when folded up in a bag if the weather changes over the day, and still looks smart enough to wear into meetings. 

My logo and brand are very important to me, not only do they help me stand out amongst my competitors and at events but it also reflects me and my values. White, Green and Purple are both the colours of my logo and that of the women’s rights movement in the 1900s. 

zotg web2

I’ve got my logo on the left breast of the jacket. I went for embroidery for the premium quality and longer lasting nature. It looks smart and professional and has a great colour match to my digital logo and brand. It’s a good way to get my name out there, without being too over the top. 

The zips are nice and sturdy, including on the front of the jacket and the pockets, meaning everything stays safe and secure. All in all I’m really pleased with the look and feel of the jacket. It suits my needs, being both comfortable and smart.