At Clothes2order, we are aware of the impacts businesses can have on the environments around us. Beacuse of this, we try to do as much as we can to ensure our products are produced without causing any harm. For example, when printing our t-shirts, we use water-free printing processes to avaoid water wastage and NeoPigment Pure Ink which is non-hazardous, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. We are striving to minimise the affect our business has on the planet and we think more businesses should be doing the same.

We recently carried out a survey and asked 1,000 people their thoughts on eco friendly shopping. We found the results really interesting and saw that the top 5 reasons people choose to shop ethically are:

  • I care about the environment
  • It’s the right thing to do
  • It helps people in poorer countries
  • It makes me feel good
  • I feel obliged to do my bit

We found that people do genuinley care about the environmental, social and ethical impacts that their purchasing decisions have on the world and would consider themselves an ethical shopper. We also found that customers are doing their research into businesses before they shop with them so businesses with good ethical, eco friendly brand values could be at a real advantage.

We think that the below 7 brands are getting it right when it comes to their ethical, environmental and social values and here’s why:

1. New Balance

Sportswear brand, New Balance are striving towards achieveing zero waste and do not use toxic substances in production. Not only does this benefit New Balance in the form of lower waste costs and better efficiency but it also gives customers even more of a reason to shop with New Balance as they feel as though they are doing their bit for the environment by shopping with New Balance.

Credit: Instagram // @newbalance

2. People Tree

Fashion brand People Tree has become more and more well known in recent years as customers have chosen to shop more ethically concious. People Tree has patrnered with Fair Trade to ensure that everyone from the garment workers to the farmers are paid a fair wage for their work. Customers can confidently know when they wear People Tree products, their clothing was made without any harm to the workers or environment.

Credit: Instagram // @peopletreeuk

3. Matt & Nat

Another fashion brand that we think are getting it right are Matt & Nat. The name standing for MAT(terials) & NAT(ure) sums up the brands values of social responsibility, authenticity and love. Their simple motto of ‘Live beautifully’ has lead the company to not use leather or any other animal-based materials within their products. The brand are also exploring new ways of remaining sustainable and even use recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber, cork and bicycle tires in their most recent collections.

Credit: Matt & Nat

4. Co-op

Grocery chain Co-op is proud of being an advocate for Fair Trade products which are sold in their stores throughout the UK. They also have excellent values promoting self-help, self-responsibility, equality, democracy and solidarity and are a business that is really making a difference to the world around them.

Credit: Instagram // @coopfooduk

5. Clipper Teas

Another brand that is proud to say it is a Fair Trade advocate is Clipper Teas. In 1994, they became the UK’s first tea company to use Fair Trade and have also vowed to never add anything artificial to their drinks. Unlike other tea companies, they also use completley unbleached tea bags making the team even more natural.

Credit: Clipper Teas

6. The Body Shop

The Body Shop are well known for their values and views on being 100% against animal testing and are activists for banning testing products on animals. They are also a vegan company as they do not use any animal ingredients in their products, including honey, milk eggs and so on. This means that when people buy The Body Shop products, they know that no animals have been harmed or exploited in the making of their products so they can feel guilt free with their purchase.

Credit: The Body Shop

7. The White Company

The White Company are a high end fashion and lifestyle brand who have strong ethical values when it comes to their social, ethical and environmental responsibility. As well as their dedication to ethically sourcing their products, they have also set up their own foundation in parternship with The Princes Trust and Refuge called The White Heart Foundation which aims to support women and children around the world. 10% of prfoits made on products with a white heart on our donated to The White Heart Foundation.

Credit: Instagram // @thewhitecompany


There are so many different ways we can be socially, ethically and environmentally responcible and as businesses, we have a resbonsibility to make sure we’re doing the right thing. From ensuring all workers in the supply chain are paid a fair wage to only using environmentally friendly materials in your products, we can all do something to help so what will you do?

You can see the results from our eco survey here to get more of an insight into customers views on eco friendly shopping.