The 8th of March marked the annual International Women’s Day! This global event celebrates the achievements of woman whilst protesting for equality. It’s about celebrating how far women have come whilst raising awareness about how far women are yet to go and speaking up about the need for change.

The past year has been extremely significant for women around the world with the recognition of international campaigns such as #MeToo and Times Up. Both campaigns aim to put a stop to sexual violence and harassment and have encouraged millions of women to speak up about their experiences and seek accountability. These movements have seen the support of celebrities such as Reece Witherspoon, America Ferrera and Eva Longoria to name a few. However, it’s not just celebrities that are making a difference.

Two women from Australia, Emma Clowes & Katrina Matic have launched a t-shirt campaign today named 50 Shades of No. It aims to educate people on the ‘grey area’ when it comes to sexual consent. Clowes and Matic asked 50 different women what they had said in the past to avoid sexual encounters – all of which were ignored.  The collection showcases 50 unisex t-shirts with these statements printed onto them in an effort to inform people what is classed as consent and what is not.

Just 2 out of the 50 t-shirts available from 50 Shades Of No

One of the best things about this campaign is that funds will be donated to Project Consent; a not-for-profit organisation that educates young people about consent and aims to end sexual harassment and violence.

Creating t-shirts is an excellent way to express how you feel without even having say a word. If you feel inspired, why not create your own personalised t-shirts or even sell them through a merchandise store perhaps to raise money for charity.