Everyone has their own style, a favouirte colour or fit for a pair of jeans. Likewise, most people have a preference between T-shirts and Polo-shirts. Can’t decide which is right for you? Here are a few things to mull over.

Polo Shirts for Smarter Sports? Get the Micilroy or Federer Look

Rory Mcilroy


Andy Murray puts this to the test though with his preference for t shirts. Here he is conveniently next to a Polo clad Federer.
Which is smarter, t-shirt or Polo?


Polo Shirts for Business Events

Typically if you’re looking for a smart uniform, we’d recommend printed or embroidered polo shirts:

blue polos

Both Chelsea FC and eBay have recently gone for embroidered polo shirts for their staff.


Compare The Kit also chose a polo shirt to represent their brand through a uniform.

However, Apple chose t-shirts as a better fit for their brand.

T-Shirts for Promotions or Large Group Events

Personalised t shirts are a cheaper option to polo shirts, so do lend themselves well to large groups or promotional wear. Charities, event organisers and protesters commonly choose printed t shirt for this reason:


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