If you hate choosing what to wear to work every morning you might love uniforms. However, that’s not the only benefit to a uniform; here are some simple reasons uniforms are great for business, as well as make your business look great.

1. Our slogan is ‘Create a Great Impression’; for us, that is the primary benefit of the product.

It makes businesses look professional whilst building a reputation and relationship with clients. For instance, you’d be much more willing to welcome a new plumber or builder into your home if they have professional identification and a shirt with the company’s logo on.

2. It’s free advertising. Get your logo, company name or brand colours on a uniform and spread the business further.

Even a work from home blogger can gain you extra exposure when they pop to the shop on a lunch break or answer the door to a neighbour in a branded hoody or polo shirt.

3. It creates unity and promotes team work.

Whether you work as part of a small, close knit team, or a vast enterprise it’s important to feel a part of the team. A uniform shows that you’re part of a group and can psychologically help you feel like a group member. Likewise, there can be a sense of equality between all staff when the manager is dressed the same as those working on the shop floor.

4. Distinguishes Staff

It is a horrible feeling when you need to ask a question and can’t tell who is an employee and who is a customer. A uniform is great for highlighting the staff members and makes them easily approachable, this is particularly useful in a retail environment.

5. Saves Time and Money

Not having to choose what to wear, or try and stay on top of fashion trends will make the morning rush that bit easier as well as stopping you spending too much on that new office wardrobe to impress your colleagues.

What’s vital here is that the uniform is something employees feel proud to wear, and happy to be seen in.What better advertisement than employees who are pleased to represent the business they work for?

If you’re thinking of getting a uniform then here are a couple of tips for making the process as simple as possible.

When creating your uniform be sure to consult and involve your staff in the process. The fit and style of clothing is important to check with your employees. Do they find they get very cold or very hot in certain parts of the building or whilst working outside, then this should be taken into account.

Keep your business and brand at the forefront of all your uniform ideas. It needs to fit with your brand colours, the quality, style, and brand identity. A fashionable brand for instance would want a fashion-fit and a luxury brand might go for a higher quality polo shirt and spend a little bit extra.

We’d love to hear how you chose your uniform. Was it an easy decision? Tweet us @Clothes2Order #Uniform or comment below.